On this page you can find any type of pot made of wood. This material has been used by mankind since time immemorial. Luckily for us it is also used to make wooden pots in different shapes and sizes.

round wood pots with yellow, red and violet flowers. wood pots,square wood pots,big wood pots,wood pots,indoor wood pots,garden wood pots,wood pots,wood pots,wood pots,wood pots with wood,rectangular wood pots,

Wooden pots are great for decorating any part of our house. In combination with a beautiful plant you will get a new decorative style to the room where you decide to place it. Wooden planters are very resistant and durable.

Blinky 9613610 caja, de madera, se
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Blinky 9613610 caja, de madera, se
  • Cipro, cuadrado
  • Centímetros: 40x40
  • En pino impregnado en autoclave

They can be used both indoors and outdoors. If the idea is to place it in the patio or garden we should know that to make it last for many years we should give it a coat of varnish once a year. In this way we will manage to have the pots as the first day.

The best selling wooden planters in our shop

Why buy wooden pots?

They are great for creating unique environments. Their natural style makes the plants look even more beautiful inside. These wooden pots are very hard and resistant. We must remember to give them a varnish when we see that the varnish that comes from the factory is worn out.

a varnished dark wood pot to protect it from the weather outside the house, both rain and sunny days. Wooden outdoor pots, wooden garden pots, rustic wooden planters, hanging wooden pots, wooden planters and flowerpots, wooden pots, rectangular wooden pot, Amazon wooden pot holder,

One advantage we have when varnishing is that there are different shades. This way we can give our pot a more aged style or simply give it a coat of invisible varnish to prevent the wood in our pots from suffering too much from the weather.

There are many people who love to have wooden pots on the terrace of their house. They like to place very aromatic plants such as jasmine or lady of the night. These plants, when in flower, are able to give off an incredibly pleasant aroma.

two medium sized pots with beautiful flowers inside, the wood has an aged tone and looks like a barrel type pot. outdoor wooden pots,indoor wooden pots,outdoor wooden pots,large wooden pots,wooden log pots,hanging wooden pots,rustic wooden pots,small wooden pots

Imagine having wooden pots in the garden, or surrounding the pool area. Although it is also used a lot to make a small urban garden in our terrace. As you can see the use for this type of pots can be whatever you want to give it.

Rectangular Macetero de Madera, Maceta de Jardín para Suculenta, Musgo, Planta y Flores
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Rectangular Macetero de Madera, Maceta de Jardín para Suculenta, Musgo, Planta y Flores
  • 【Alta Calidad】Hecho de material de madera natural, con marco resistente y estable, por lo que es...
  • 【Función】Es una mayor maceta para algunas hierbas, plantas suculentas y poco profundas,...
  • 【Otras Funciones】Se puede utilizar como una cesta de almacenamiento perfecta, puedes llenarla...
  • 【Colocado en Cualquier Lugar】Esta auténtica rugosidad se puede colocar en cualquier lugar,...
  • 【Decora tu Hogar】DIY tus propias cajas de decoración de plantas para tus amigos o familiares o...

We have wooden pots of different sizes and shapes. Rectangular pots are great for placing several plants. If the pots chosen are large, we can consider using larger plants. And if the pot is smaller, then cactus plants come to mind.

a very original vintage wooden pot created to decorate a small space. small wooden pots, outdoor wooden pots, wooden window boxes, wooden planters, large wooden pots, wooden pot design, wooden pots, wooden planters, rectangular wooden pots, outdoor wooden pot,

It is very common to decorate the centerpiece with one or several wooden pots with small cacti. As a decorative element it looks fantastic and as the cactus requires little water you will have almost no problem watering. A squirt from time to time and to continue with our day to day.

PAPILLON 8043015 Jardinera Madera 40x80 cm.
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PAPILLON 8043015 Jardinera Madera 40x80 cm.
  • Jardinera madera papillon.
  • Madera de cedro.
  • medidas: 40x80x31(alt) cm.
  • Ideal para trabajos de jardinería, colocación de macetas, etc.
  • Artículo también conocido como macetero, macetero exterior, jardinera exterior, tiestos para...

We have rustic and cheap wooden pots, although as always happens in this life everything depends. If we choose bigger pots or more elaborate designs, they will probably cost a little more, but the price difference is not very noticeable either.

Wooden pots for exterior or interior

There is really no difference between outdoor wooden pots and indoor wooden pots. The only peculiarity when using it for one place or another simply lies in the protection that the wood has. This protection is nothing but varnish.

a flowerpot painted white so that it will not be damaged by rainwater or frost. wooden planters, wooden pots, pots with wooden legs, wooden pots, square wooden pots, tall wooden pots, large wooden pots, wooden containers, rustic wooden pots, wooden base for pots, Amazon wooden planters,

There are many types of varnishes with different shades and finishes. It’s the same with the furniture in our house, I live in a rented flat and the same combines young wood with old wood. But if they have something in common it’s that they all have a layer of varnish to protect them.

So if we go with the idea of placing some wooden pots in the patio, garden or terrace we must remember to give it a coat of varnish once a year. This way we avoid spoiling the wood and having pots for a long time. A little maintenance from time to time and to continue growing.

Wooden pots are recyclable

Indeed, these pots made of wood will undoubtedly have a second life. It is not very common that they break but we will always put ourselves in the worst. Imagine that you are moving the pot from one place to another and for whatever reason it falls to the ground.

nice wood box with a lot of own style used to place three pots with plants inside, it serves to move them easily. wood plant pedestal,wood plant pedestal,cheap wood pots,wood pot holder,wood pot pedestals,rustic trunk pots,original amazon pots

Apart from filling the soil with soil and plants, it is possible that the pot will break. Typically, a piece of wood will come loose or a nail will be loose. In this case we have the option of using another nail to leave the pot as it was before the blow.

EZOWare Planta Flor Estanteria Escalonada Decorativo de Madera para Macetas Interior Exterior...
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EZOWare Planta Flor Estanteria Escalonada Decorativo de Madera para Macetas Interior Exterior...
  • EZOWare Soporte Escalonda para Macetas ofrece una forma compacta y atractiva de mostrar con orgullo...
  • VIVE VERDE: Perfecto para cualquier espacio - cocina, baño, sala de estar, ventanales, solárium,...
  • MADERA NATURAL: Hecho de madera de pino para un atractivo estilo natural que complementará la...
  • DISEÑO ESCALONDA - 3 estantes de plataforma estables para macetas y jardineras, cada plataforma...
  • Requiere ensamblaje. Medidas: 60 x 20 x 49 cm.. Nota: Hecha de madera natural, naturalmente se...

You’re thinking, “all right, my friend, but that’s not recycling. Well seen, this is more like reusing the damaged pot and giving it a second chance. I already told you that these pots are very hard and don’t require much maintenance, a little bit from time to time and keep on working.

a wooden planter in the courtyard with some red flowering plants. ,pedestals for indoor plants,big wooden pots,wooden pot,pots made with trunks,rectangular wooden pot,outdoor pot rack,wooden indoor planters,

When I said they were recyclable, I meant they could be burned. In case we have a very damaged wooden pot or we just don’t want it anymore because we are going to change it for a bigger model, it can serve us as firewood for the fireplace.

Vanage Tinas de Madera, Jardineras como la decoración, Macetas en un Juego de 3, Marrón
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Vanage Tinas de Madera, Jardineras como la decoración, Macetas en un Juego de 3, Marrón
  • Las jardineras vanage / tinas de madera son adecuadas para muchos fines, como la decoración y la...
  • Las macetas en un juego de 3 están hechas de madera de acacia de alta calidad fsc 100%; embellece...
  • Dimensiones de las macetas de madera: grande: aprox. 50 x 50 x 30 cm - mediana: aprox. 44 x 44 x 27...
  • Con agujeros de drenaje de agua en la parte inferior - puede ser utilizado muy bien como una...
  • Las tinas se pueden utilizar para la decoración y la jardinería o para llamar la atención en el...

No doubt a very good way to recycle these pots is by burning them. But it doesn’t stop there, the ash can be mixed with the potting soil to load it with nutrients from the wood ash. A little NPK is always good for our plants 😛

Rectangular wooden pots

This size is fantastic if we want to start creating an urban garden on our terrace. Imagine being able to harvest your own vegetables and herbs without having to go to the fruit shop. I am fond of growing my own vegetables and fruits and of course I love to eat them 😛

Wooden-legged flowerpots forming an urban garden in our courtyard

I have several rectangular pots where I grow different types of vegetables. In one of them I have planted some onions, as it is very big because I have room to grow more onions than I consume, so I share the rest with my parents.

I also use another rectangular pot or planter for growing strawberries. I must confess that it took me a little while to learn how to germinate these tiny seeds but when you get the hang of it this crop becomes a classic in your garden. The truth is that they have an exceptional taste.

a rectangular wooden planter with wooden legs for growing aromatic spices

If you are looking for large wooden pots to grow your own lettuce or other vegetables you are in the right place. Here we have an extensive catalogue with many pots of varying sizes. The size will depend on the use you want to make of it.

PAPILLON 8093100 Huerto Urbano 60x80x80cm
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PAPILLON 8093100 Huerto Urbano 60x80x80cm
  • Huerto urbano
  • Medidas: 60x80x80cm
  • Realizado en madera tratada
  • Cajón con 24 cm de profundidad y tejido tnt
  • Con balda inferior para utiles de jardineria.ideal para jardin, balcones, terrazas, macetas,...

The models of our wooden pots are very varied, we have rustic wooden pots or even wooden log pots, although these do have a higher price. These if they are designed to decorate the interior of our houses.

three large pots to place outside our houses

You can see perfectly how they have been carved directly into a wooden trunk and have managed to give a hollow shape inside. That’s where we can place the soil along with some very beautiful plants. The type of plant you choose should already be to your liking 😛

We have models of natural wood pots specially designed to create a charming atmosphere inside our home. Imagine forming a beautiful landscape with colorful cactus inside, I’m sure it will look great as a centerpiece.

Wooden pot holders and supports

Some people prefer to use pots made of other materials and put them on wooden shelves. This is a very good option to have several pots inside the house in an organized and beautiful way. With these supports you will be able to give a new life to that forgotten corner of the house.

We have many models of wooden pot stands. In this case you will have to choose the one you like best but it will not be easy because all of them have elegant and very original designs. The best thing is to measure the place where we are going to place it and find the support that fits best.

Wooden pedestals for flowerpots

This type of accessory is widely used to decorate the entrance of the house. In my grandmother’s house there is still one in the entrance and it has a vine type plant that must be almost the same age as me. Maybe we should think about giving it a name 😛

A wooden pot stand is an object used to place a pot in height. There are numerous designs and some come prepared to place up to two pots at different heights. If you are looking for a wooden pot stand I am sure you will find it in our shop.

Wooden pot stands

These supports are used to place our heavy pots and to be able to move them more easily. They have built-in wheels and are made of wood. You can find them in different sizes and colours but they all have the same function: to make our lives easier.

I have a wooden base for pots but I don’t really use it for this purpose. I use it to move the butane bottles because they really weigh theirs and you’re not there to lift much weight anymore so I prefer to put it on top so that it’s much easier to move.

Besides pots made of wood, you can also find these products:

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