If you’re looking for wall mounted pots, you may not have room for any more pots. Joking aside, I imagine you’re interested in decorating a wall in your house or patio with style and have thought about putting in a special wall pot.

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You may have come to the right place for this purpose. In our shop we have an amazing amount of flower pots that will look great hanging on the wall. Our pots are made of different materials, with different shapes and amazing designs.

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You have to admit that some nice flower pots look great decorating the wall of the garden. My parents have two pots of these natural plants hanging in the hallway of their house. I seem to remember that it is called incense plant or money plant 😛

The best selling wall hanging pots in our store

Why buy wall hanging pots?

Well, a very good option to choose this type of pots is because of how original they are on any wall. It doesn’t matter if you are going to put it inside or outside. They are designed to withstand both the cold of winter and the stifling heat of summer, you just have to remember to water the plants when you touch them.

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They say these pots can withstand any kind of weather condition. I partly believe this and I’ll tell you why. Sometimes I go to a friend’s country house and he has several pots on the outside wall around the pool. On days with extreme wind they would move from side to side without breaking.

Modul'Green - Maceta de diseño para pared, interior y exterior, color blanco
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Modul'Green - Maceta de diseño para pared, interior y exterior, color blanco
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I still remember those poor but beautiful flower pots on the wall, hanging from a sad little cottage and slamming into the white cement. So one thing is certainly true and that is that they are extremely hard. Although I recommend you to change them from time to time to renew the decoration 😛

Round clay pots with coloured flowers are fixed with a wooden wall bracket. Wall hanging planters,wall hanging planters,wall hanging pots,iron pot holder,wall hanging pots,outside wall pots,wall hanging planters ideas,

Depending on the material that is used to make these pots you can find

As it usually happens in the world of decoration you will be able to find many designs with different shapes and sizes and made with different materials. This is also the case in the world of wall hanging pots. I will now detail the most commonly used materials:

✅ Wooden wall hanging pots

✅ Ceramic wall pots

✅ Plastic pots for wall mounting

✅ Mud pots to hang on the wall

✅ Coconut fiber wall pots

✅ Glass pots to decorate the wall

I think I’ve named all the materials that are used for these types of pots. And I see that there is one thing that all of them coincide and that is that they are designed to be hung on the wall hahaha Jokes apart I must recognize that there is a wide variety of this type of flowerpots on the market.

They may not seem to be used much but believe me when I tell you that people take them a lot. There are people who like to put several painted ceramic pots on their patio wall. One thing is clear and that is that a white wall with pots has a “I don’t know what and I don’t know what” 😛

a turquoise blue plastic wall pot, it's actually half a pot cut in half, you might put a picture of the other half with another plant underneath hehe

The decorative possibilities of these pots are many. You will be able to give a different style to any wall in your house depending on the pot chosen. There are even some designed in the form of bags to hang on the vertical wall. I’ve never used it myself but it really looks good.

HIMM - 7 poches murales verticales pour plantation - Décoration idéale pour votre jardin ou maison
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HIMM - 7 poches murales verticales pour plantation - Décoration idéale pour votre jardin ou maison
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  • Adecuado para plantar flores, verduras, fresas, plantas colgantes, etc.
  • Gran decoración para tus paredes interiores y exteriores y vallas con plantas verdes, bonitas...

Perhaps these pots with cloth pockets are intended for growing aromatic plants. Imagine having each pocket with a different spice. Oregano, thyme, rosemary, chives or any species you use in your meals. It’s perfect to have in the small yard or even in a large laundry room.

a facade of a house made of pizza has pots on the floor and on the wall

Our wall hanging pots have ingenious and innovative designs. The finishes are fine and you can use them both inside the house and outside. For indoor wall hanging pots I recommend that they have finer and more elegant features.

Maceta Tiesto de pared (set de 2 piezas) . Hierro lacado
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Maceta Tiesto de pared (set de 2 piezas) . Hierro lacado
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On the other hand, for outdoor wall planters, we recommend using cheerful designs with hand-painted or screen-printed drawings. Although, as I always say, “for the taste of colours”. And what I may like someone else may not like, so I will not be the one to tell you how to decorate the wall of your house 😛

How to hang pots on the wall?

This may be the most cumbersome part of these pots, although you will see that it is not as complicated as it seems. To be able to hang these pots on any wall in our house we are going to need a fundamental tool, our dear friend the drill.

Mud pots with pink and violet flowers hanging on the wall in the courtyard

First of all, we must choose the right place to put the pot or pots. Ideally, a person should hold it against the wall but without rubbing it too much to leave any marks. Another person should be looking straight ahead and saying “turn it up a little more or a little more to the left” 😛

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This part is essential if we want to put the pot in the right place. Once we have found the right place to place the pot, we must make a mark with a pencil through the hole in the pot. It is time to drop the pot into the ground and prepare to make the hole.

ceramic wall pot hanging on a vertical wall made of young wood

As I imagine that “the handyman” was the one who held the pot, it will be his (or her) turn to make the hole. For this there is an infallible trick to not make mistakes with the sizes of the drill bit, the cue and the alcayata. Note that they all have a number marked on them.

Esschert - Esschert Design Pared Ornamental En Hierro Del Diseño Del Estilo Antiguo, De Alrededor...
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Esschert - Esschert Design Pared Ornamental En Hierro Del Diseño Del Estilo Antiguo, De Alrededor...
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So if you decide that the number 9 pot is strong enough to hold the chosen wall pot, you will have to place the new 9 drill bit in the drill. Remember to use a specific drill bit for drilling walls. Another tip is to activate the hammer button, you will see that it makes the job much easier.

a plant inside a rusty tin can, seems to be hanging from some vertical boards

Once you have the hole made, all that remains is to place the number 9 cue and push it in with a hammer. Now we stick the cue in at a suitable depth to hang the pot on the wall. As you have seen it has been very easy to do 😛

Some ideas to hang pots on the wall

These pots are ideal for wall decoration. You will be able to combine any type of plant with these pots. Think that one thing you must have clear, if you use natural plants to fill the pots you will have to water them often so control a little the height at which you put the pots 😛

Some people like to use hanging plants of this type and let them grow almost to the ground. This happens for example at my parents’ house with some pots they have in the hallway of the house. If you have them in the yard you can let them grow much more.

half a blue pot on a hard cement wall. it has a very nice plant with elongated leaves

Another thing that’s been taking up a lot lately is the wooden wall pot holders. The truth is that here you can let your imagination run wild and set up something very original that will leave everyone who sees it with their mouths open. Take a look at these original pot holders downstairs.

they have made a pot holder for the wall with two wooden boxes for the vegetables, and they have put some pots with plants inside

I hope you found this guide useful in finding those nice pots to hang on the wall of your house. If you are looking for a wall mount for your home pots I invite you to visit our special category with all kinds of pot stands.

In addition to wall-mounted pots, you can also find these products:

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