Tired of having to water your pots almost every day? Well, with our pots with automatic watering you can forget about watering your plants for several days. These pots have a system that allows the plant to consume the water according to its needs.

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They come with a self-watering kit for indoor or outdoor pots. It doesn’t matter if your plants are indoors or outdoors, we have different models designed for any type of pot or place where you want to put it. There is also a special model for balconies.

Lechuza Maceta, Deltini Premium
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Lechuza Maceta, Deltini Premium
  • Suministro eficiente del agua a través de un sistema de riego de tierra inteligente
  • Combinación perfecta: Diseño y funcionalidad para tus plantas
  • Control de riego gracias al indicador de nivel de agua
  • Incluye cubeta de plantado que facilita la plantación y el traslado de plantas
  • Maceta de mesa de diseño, ideal para decorar

They have an indicator that marks the water capacity of the pot. When you see that the rod is too low, it is time to add more water to the pot. Apart from this great advantage, they also have original and very elegant designs.

The best selling Owl brand pots with self-watering

Why buy self- watering owl pots?

Possibly because of the convenience of the owl self-watering system. It is very innovative and allows the plant to be supplied with water as it needs it. We will have to take care of keeping the tank above the low water mark.

a pot with self-watering grey owl, has a broad-leaved plant inside

We have models of owl pots with self-watering for inside and outside. Taking care of your plants will be much easier with these pots with self-watering system. You fill them to capacity and forget to water for days or even weeks.

If you are going to use the self-watering pots for indoor plants the water absorption and evaporation capacity will decrease. This is because they are not under direct sunlight and apart from that inside our house we usually have a more pleasant temperature than outside.

pots with small self-watering lamb with coloured flowers

This system to have plants inside the house is very comfortable to use. Not to mention the designs that these self-watering pots have. They are very modern and have a very fine line that really does not clash in any corner of the house, and best of all, they have hardly any maintenance.

Lechuza Maceta, Cararo Premium
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Lechuza Maceta, Cararo Premium
  • Suministro eficiente del agua a través de un sistema de riego de tierra inteligente
  • Combinación perfecta: Diseño y funcionalidad para tus plantas
  • Control de riego gracias al indicador de nivel de agua
  • Incluye 2 rodillos para mover el macetero

To tell you the truth the only concern we’ll have is to look at the water meter once a week. If we see that it has little liquid we will have to fill it up a little more, and if we see that it still has enough water for several days we simply leave it as it is 😛

a pot with a self-seeding brown owl and a well-rounded bush in the backyard

We also have larger models that work great outdoors. These big owl pots with self-watering have plugs in the pot so that in case of rain the excess water comes out through the built-in drain. As you can see these pots are all about technology.

Lechuza Maceta, Rondo Premium
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Lechuza Maceta, Rondo Premium
  • El sistema de riego de la maceta garantiza un suministro de agua óptimo.
  • Acabado de gran calidad.
  • Solo para uso en interiores.
  • Producto hecho en Alemania.
  • Suministro eficiente del agua a través de un sistema de riego de tierra inteligente

Before I told you that indoor plants consume less water than outdoor plants but as I always say everything depends. I happen to live in Andalusia and if you have visited this community in summer you will know how hot it is in July and August.

a self-watering pot in the middle of a terrace table

How long does the water tank last in a self-irrigation pot?

Well, I live in a third one that just has the roof up. The block is already a few years old and the walls have no thermal insulation or anything like that. Another disturbing fact is that the air conditioning in this rented flat is a very old model, the kind that doesn’t have a remote control.

Lechuza Square Canto, Beige Arena, 30x30x30 cm
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Lechuza Square Canto, Beige Arena, 30x30x30 cm
  • El sistema de riego de Lechuza, en función del tamaño de la maceta, suministrará a sus plantas la...
  • Cubeta de plantado intercambiable, cerrada, con marco del mismo color que la maceta y asas...
  • Combinación perfecta: diseño y funcionalidad para tus plantas

Well, I almost dare to tell you that it gets hotter inside the house than in the courtyard, especially at night. By this I mean that the temperature depends a lot on where you are going to place the pots, in my case the self-watering because it lasts a little less than in other cooler houses.

three owl pots with automatic watering in different colours

But this system with automatic watering for plants is still a success. There are weekends when you want to take a break from the routine and go sightseeing. Think of the convenience of not having to ask an acquaintance to water your plants.

Lechuza Mini Deltini blanco brillante TODO EN UNO juego de Lechuza
  • Lechuza riego, blanco brillante All-in-One Set
  • 4
  • Color Blanco brillante

According to the Owl manufacturer these pots can last more than 10 weeks without having to be reloaded. This can be quite credible indoors and will depend on the size of the pot and the plant in it. So as I always say this you have to pick it up with tweezers.

three black owl pots with some pine trees

If you have a plant that likes to grow and grow, it probably needs more water than another that grows at a somewhat slower rate. You may still go two or three weeks without watering. And of course, it also depends on whether you are going to place the pots in the yard, garden or inside the house.

Types of owl self-watering pots

We have a wide catalogue of owl pots where you can find any model you need. There are round, square or rectangular pots. With different heights and sizes for all tastes. The only thing you will have to worry about is choosing a plant that you like 😛

It’s the same with the colours for self-watering pots, we have a wide range of colours so that you can have a good time choosing the one you like best and that matches with the place where you are going to put the pot. There are colours that look great on a table or even match the colour of a piece of furniture.

a rectangular pot in the kitchen of a house

Self- watering owl pots to hang

On top of that they also have several models designed to be hung from the ceiling or even from a wall mount. This is already absolute comfort when it comes to watering. If you have had the typical plastic pot hanging in the kitchen you will understand what I am saying.

Now you can hang pots wherever you want that you can forget about lowering it to water in several weeks. This is a great advantage because we avoid having to hang and unhang the pot for every watering. There are times when we try to water with the pot hanging down and roll it up.

Grey owl hanging pot, has many leaves and is in the kitchen

But with this new self- watering system for hanging pots you will have to fill the tank and forget about the pot for 4 or 5 weeks. You will only have to worry that its branches type vines do not arrive at the ground and you trip over them 😛

Self-Watering Owl Planters

We also have models of rectangular pots that you can use for the balcony, the garden or even inside the home. It doesn’t matter where you decide to put it, what really matters is that you put a plant that you like and that fills you up inside every time you see it.

There are people who put broad-leaved plants in these types of planters, others for example like to put flowering plants and very aromatic. It also depends on the size of the planter because you can even use it as a decorative centerpiece or whatever you can think of.

white pot owl self-watering with orchids, a person appears watering or filling the water tank

Self-Watering Orchid Owl Pots

Indeed, dear friend, we have pots designed exclusively for orchid care. With this advanced system you will have to place your orchid inside the pot. Remember to use a good quality substrate so that it does not lack nutrients.

With this system you don’t have to worry if you’ve poured too much water on your orchid, just our plant with beautiful leaves and flowers that will consume it as needed. And if you have to leave the house for several days you can enjoy yourself without thinking about whether your orchid needs to be watered.

has planted chives and parsley in some square sized owl pots

How do owl self-watering pots work?

These pots have an internal water tank at the bottom. When we water the plant there is a rod that indicates the water capacity of the tank. This way we can water above the ground or even through a side slot that is specifically for that purpose.

Lechuza Maceta, Classico Premium
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Lechuza Maceta, Classico Premium
  • el juego completo: maceta + cubeta con sistema de riego
  • uso en el parte exterior como también en la zona interior (UV - resistente; helada resistente)
  • material: plástico
  • forma: redonda
  • color: rojo escarlata muy brillante

Remember that if you are going to place this pot on the outside of the house you will have to remove the drainage screw at the bottom of the pot. This way, in case it rains and the tank gets full, all the excess water will come out of the hole at the bottom without any problem.

How to plant in an owl pot?

In the following video you can see how to fill the container of our owl pot. As you will see it is not too complicated and it is very similar to any other pot. The only difference will be to place volcanic stone at the bottom to facilitate drainage.

It is possible that is the best place to buy cheap and very economical self-watering owl pots. They are not really the cheapest pots on the market but they really deliver what they promise and that is nothing more than forgetting to water for quite a long time 😛

Besides owl pots with self-watering, you can also find these products:

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