If you’re looking for pots that incorporate the latest technology you’ve come to the right place. Led planters have only been around for a few years and I must admit that they are getting better and better every day. I still remember the first lit pots that came with batteries.

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Fortunately for us, the current LED pots are equipped with the latest generation of lithium batteries. This way you can forget about plugging them in for a few days. Although there are also models that connect directly to the electric light and you turn it on and off as you need.

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There are also models with solar panels and this is absolute comfort. Unfortunately this system is designed for outdoor led pots. If your idea is to put it inside the house you will have to connect it to the power outlet. But really this is not a problem nowadays 😛

The most sold flowerpots with led light in our shop

Why buy LED-lit planters?

They are great for decorating areas of our house. You can also place some by the pool or simply in your garden. They give that soft but harmonious touch of light that a light bulb cannot give. It also has a hole to place our most beautiful plants.

pots and led pots lit in the entrance of a house. they do not have plants inside but they are very well illuminated

They look good on any table or countertop that we want to give a decorative touch. What’s more, these pots with LED light are decorative even without plants. Although I am really in favor of placing a beautiful plant in its interior, this way we manage to contribute our granite with the mother nature.

Berkeley Maceta Cascada con Luces LED- Pequeña
  • Plante algunas hierbas del jardín, plantas pequeñas o flores
  • Luz blanca LED integrada en la cascada
  • Viene con tornillos y láminas de acrílico blanco para la pared de la maceta
  • Uso interior y exterior
  • Acero inoxidable de 304

Our light pots are cheap and some not so cheap. That’s right, it all depends on the size we choose. Because we must know that when the pot is bigger it will have more leds and the battery will be a little more powerful than a pot lit with small leds.

nice terrace with a hammock, plants and several led pots

These plastic pots with light are made of very high quality synthetic resin. And it must be so because the light it lets through must be dim and pleasant. Little by little, it has been possible to create a very valuable material that allows intimate lighting in any place.

In our online shop you can find pots with light at very affordable prices. But of course, I had already told you that in the previous paragraph. I do not want to get heavy talking about such an attractive price that some of our models of pots with led light have 😛

a pot of leds on and with a low height plant inside, it seems that it is in a garden above the lawn

What color are the LED light pots?

Well, the key to all this is in the translucent resin used in their manufacture. The material is white and lets enough light through to create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. No more standing lamps, it’s time to give way to this two-in-one of lighting: plants with light.

Maceteros con luz, led, Multicolor Recargable portátil, 68 cm Altura
  • Entregas 24/48/72 horas. Seguimos contigo on-line.
  • Macetero Cubitera LED Modelo Roma. Medidas: Ø60x68 cm. Autonomía: 10-12 horas
  • Elaborados en poliestireno, un material muy resistente y que soporta condiciones meteorológicas...
  • Fabricados para estar a la intemperie y son resistentes a los rayos UV
  • La luz led RGB permite cambio de color mediante un mando a distancia

As you may have noticed, there are pots that seem to have another color. But this is due to the fact that inside they use RGB LEDs that allow us to change the colour of our pot. There are pots with LEDs that even come with a knob so that you can choose various colours.

two pots with lights decorate the back entrance of a house. they have some decorative plastic plants

But there’s more to it than that, these controls allow you to increase or decrease the intensity of the light emitted by our pot. The possibilities here are almost infinite. And it doesn’t end here, some controls have a built-in function that automatically changes color, it seems that merging technology with the pots has been a success.

Imagine being in one of these summer nights sitting on your terrace, in the garden or even in the living room of your house with the air conditioning on full blast, and finding that moment of inner tranquility. The light generated by these illuminated pots is really cozy, comparable to candlelight 😛

some big led pots on the lawn of a garden, there seems to be a swimming pool near the pots

Sunlit pots

There are pots that use solar energy to light up when the sun goes down. These resin pots with light are usually small in size. It is possible that as the use of sunlight through the solar panels progresses, large pots of leds will be taken out.

The pots with solar panels are recharged with the sun’s rays that we have during the day. It is possible that on cloudy days the solar light for pots is not enough to charge the whole battery. But this should not worry us too much either because the next day they will finish charging.

led pots with palm plants inside. they look great on the road

This type of sunlight pot does not need to have a fully charged battery to operate. So it’s also fine if it’s very cloudy one day and the charge isn’t complete. It will still be able to generate enough light to illuminate that part of the terrace, garden or balcony where we have placed the LED pot.

Maceteros con luz, led, 40x40cm, Multicolor Recargable portátil
1 Opiniones
Maceteros con luz, led, 40x40cm, Multicolor Recargable portátil
  • Entregas 24/48/72 horas. Seguimos contigo on-line.
  • Macetero Cubitera LED Cubo Abierto recargable.
  • Medidas: 40x40x41 cm. Autonomía: 10-12 horas
  • Fabricados para estar a la intemperie y resistentes a los rayos UV
  • Elborados en polietileno, material muy resistente y que soporta condiciones meteorológicas...

Be that as it may, I’m sure that buying resin pots with wireless lights will be a wise move. Remember to place a nice plant inside the pot to make it look even better. You will see how good the plants look in pots with LED light.

a beautiful round pot of rgb leds lighting the terrace pool

These outdoor light pots are great for not always being in the dark. There are times when you stay on the terrace looking at the phone or even surfing the internet from your laptop. And just before you know it, the night has caught up with you and you’re too lazy to get up and turn on the light. Well, with these pots you won’t have that problem.

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Our online shop of flowerpots is a good place to buy pots with light for your home. If there is a lighted pot you have seen elsewhere I am sure you will find it on this same page, although I don’t want you to take it literally either. It is possible that all…all of us don’t have them 😛

Besides luminous led pots, you can also find these products:

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