You may be looking for a stand to hang your pots on the balcony. You may want to hang a pot from the ceiling or wall and need a stand designed for this purpose. You will probably find the type of stand you are looking for on this page.

a wooden shelf for placing decorative plant pots. decorative plant holder,pot holder,pot holder,metal pot holder,wooden pot holder,wooden pot holder,wooden pot holder

We have metal brackets for placing pots in the ground. You can also find the classic wooden supports with wheels to move the pots more easily. It is true that some large pots are very heavy and a stand with wheels makes the task much easier.

HLC Stand para macetas/Estanteria para macetas en diseño de S de Metal/Escalera para macetas de...
38 Opiniones
HLC Stand para macetas/Estanteria para macetas en diseño de S de Metal/Escalera para macetas de...
  • 🌺 Hermoso diseño en forma de "S" con decoraciones de flores y mariposas.
  • 🌿 3 niveles.
  • 🌼 Ideal para el jardín u hogar. Para exteriores e interiores.
  • 🌻 Rieles de metal para garantizar estabilidad a las plantas.
  • ✅ Plegable, ahorra espacio cuando no se utilice. *No adecuado para macetas pesadas o muy grandes.

If you’re looking for a window holder to keep the pots from falling out, you’re in the right place. You can also find nice vertical supports to place several pots and decorate that part of the house where you decide to put it. These racks are like small potting racks.

The best selling pot stands in our shop

Why buy pot stands or brackets?

Well, this will depend on the type of stand you choose. Imagine that you have a pot with its anti-drip plate around the house, when it is time to clean the floor there is always some nook and cranny left. Well, with a metal support for indoor pots you can keep them at a good height.

very nice planters are placed on wooden floor stands. planters and window boxes, pot holders, hanging planters, hanging planters, hanging pot holder, hanging pot holder, wall pot holder, like hanging pots on grids, window holder,

You may also be interested in placing some nice planters on the balcony. To hang them properly you will need a rectangular pot stand. They are very easy to place and are prepared not to fail at any time.

Soporte para plantas Mediados de siglo Soporte para macetas de madera Exhibidor de plantas en maceta...
45 Opiniones
Soporte para plantas Mediados de siglo Soporte para macetas de madera Exhibidor de plantas en maceta...
  • Este soporte de madera es adecuado para la maceta redonda con un diámetro más grande de 25,4 cm,...
  • Material: madera de haya. La maceta de madera se despega para colocar plana para el envío. Este...
  • Instalación: simplemente levántese e inserte la barra transversal en la muesca, luego gire el...
  • Tamaño: la altura del soporte de planta de mediados de siglo es de 34,3 cm, el diámetro interior...
  • Con las patas de madera rectas y la característica de diseño angular ordenado, robusto y bien...

In our shop you can find a stand to put pots in the window. This way you can avoid worrying about the pots falling out of the “eye patio”. It is preferable to drop a sock in the neighbour’s yard than a clay pot with our plant and all the soil.

With these supports you can prevent the pots from falling over into your neighbour's yard grumpy. stand pot supports, hang pot supports, indoor pot supports, window box support, window pot support, extendable window pot support, hang pot hooks, flower pot windows,

Another type of support very demanded by our customers are those with wheels. It is a wooden, plastic or even metal base that has 4 wheels to be able to move the pot from one side to the other. This system is very comfortable when vacuuming the floor of the house.

Moderno Minimalista Planta Maceta Piso Planta Soporte Hierro Forjado Soporte de Flor Sala de Estar...
  • 1. Soporte de flores de maceta de hierro forjado de metal cuadrado, más espacio, conveniente para...
  • 2. Puesto de flores multifuncional, no solo macetas, sino también pequeños artículos diarios como...
  • 3. La calidad del material lo es todo para nosotros. Usamos un acabado de latón, que brillará como...
  • 4. Estructura simple y fácil de ensamblar. El tamaño es moderadamente alto y se puede colocar en...
  • 5. Este set de soporte de plantas de hierro fresco es perfecto para interiores y exteriores: sala de...

We also have wall brackets to put pots on the wall. They are usually metal with a nice design, although we also have them in their most basic form. These are used a lot to decorate the corridors of the house and to hang pots on the walls of the garden or terrace.

some flowerpots with different supports for pots, there are wall and ceiling flowerpots, also floor flowerpots. balcony flowerpot support, flowerpots with support, metal flowerpots support, flowerpots supports, metal plant supports, material supports, flowerpots support, wall flowerpots support, iron flowerpots support, hook to hang flowerpots, flowerpots with wood support, flowerpots in windows with grids,

If you have thought of hanging a pot from the ceiling you can find pot holders made of rope or crochet. This is like a thick wire mesh but with a very elegant design. My mother has one in the kitchen in yellow, although I don’t know if it is her original color or is from the kitchen smoke 😛

Estantes de flores Soporte De Planta De 3 Niveles, Estante De ExhibicióN, Soporte De Flor Soporte...
  • ▲Su color marrón inspirado en la naturaleza crea un ambiente acogedor y natural para que pueda...
  • ▲ Estilo elegante y simple: necesita una base de madera versátil y elegante para su planta de...
  • ▲ Hermoso y funcional: este soporte para macetas se adapta a la mayoría de los muebles y la...
  • ▲ Regalo perfecto: ¡para los amantes de las plantas, los amantes de la naturaleza o un regalo...
  • ▲Este soporte para plantas no está incluido en macetas decorativas u otros accesorios en las...

And finally, although I might forget some of them, you will be able to see in our catalogue of pot holders some beautiful plant shelves made of metal or wood. They are designed to place several plants and create an area full of plants that will look great indoors.

Balcony pot and planter support

If you are thinking of hanging some pots on the balcony you may need some of these supports. Sometimes the planter comes with the support included, but if we have the pot and all we need is the support because we have the most comfortable and easy to put on the market.

Some people prefer to place several round pots with a good iron support for the balcony. This already depends on the shape of the pot you are going to place. We also have metal pots that come with a built-in support for convenience.

a beautiful balcony full of pots with its iron pot holders. window pot holder,hanging pot holder,metal plant holder,hanging pot holder,wooden pot holder,iron pot holder,window pot holder,pot hooks

A good planter placed on the balcony with jasmine plants hanging down looks great. Apart from the good aroma it gives off on warm summer nights. The best thing is when the wind blows a bit and that nice smell comes into the house.

Pot stand with wheels

There are times when we have to move the pots from one place to another. If they are small there is not much drama either but things change when we have some big pots. For this kind of giant pots the best thing is to put a good metal support and with wheels, of course.

They’re great at cleaning the house, I usually vacuum once in a while (advantages of living alone), and they move around so well that you can put them aside with the same brush as the vacuum. I would certainly like to have a partner but I can’t find anyone who wants to be with an expert in wheeled pot stands 😛

Floor stand for pots

There are times when, for aesthetic reasons or simply for comfort, we like to have the pots at a certain height from the ground. This is really useful if the leaves of our plant are of the vine type. In this way we manage to get them to fall down the side of the pot and lower them to a certain height without touching the ground.

If we have a pot with flowers that smell great, it is interesting to put an iron pot stand. We have them in many designs and styles. Our standing pot stands are fantastic for highlighting the beauty of a plant and making it look its best.

three white pots on a gold coloured metal pot holder. types of pot shelves,window holder,iron pot holder,hanging pot holder,metal pot shelves,wall pot holder,iron pot holders,pot shelves

These metal pot holders are great for sweeping underneath, no lint will resist. We have tall pot holders and shorter ones but even if they are not the same they are still our favorite pot holders for the floor.

a black metal corner shelf to put several pots on. wood shelves for mats,pot holders,iron pot stands,pot holders,pot stands,pot holders,metal pot holder,outdoor pot holder,balcony pot holder,iron pot stand,pot stand with wheels,wall pot holder,wheeled pots

I know that the sentence above makes little sense but I had to place a few words in that order in order to get a better position in Google. It’s the same if now I put “iron pot holder”, it’s not the case but it’s something I have to put so you can find this great online store where you can buy pot holders 😛

Wall pot holder

The time has come to decorate that abandoned corridor and hang some plants to give it some life. Actually the hallway of the house is possibly the most frequented place. I have to go through a corridor every time I go to the kitchen and I really like to visit the fridge

You will see that we have different models of supports to hang pots on the wall. They are very easy to install, you only need to make a hole, insert the plug and screw the wall pot holder. It’s up to you to choose a good plant and of course to water it from time to time.

some clay pots fastened to the wall with an iron support

You can find these wall-mounted pot holders either to hang a plant or to place the pot inside. You can also find a vertical pot stand, which allows you to put many different plants. Some people put it in the kitchen full of plants for cooking.

Extendable window pot holder

The time has come to place some plants on our window sills without fear of them falling out. There are times when, for fear of having to go and pick up the pot in the neighbour’s yard or in the street, we don’t put them in. Luckily for us, that’s in the past.

You can find pot window supports in the shape of a tray to put it inside. Although we also have the typical metal or plastic resistant that will prevent any kind of fall. The pot is well protected between the window and the window box.

a grate placed in the window to contain the pots so that they do not fall out with the view or air

There is no longer any excuse not to decorate these places that we usually have abandoned. I usually keep the window blinds down, but since we are all different, I’m sure you love to decorate the windows with pots and beautiful plants. Find a quality window box holder.

Ceiling Hanging Pot Holder

Indeed, dear friend, it’s time to put some pots on the roof. And for this the best thing to do is to make a hole, place a plug and screw in an eyebolt, the latter being that kind of screw that ends in a metal round. With this system we can hang our pots.

Of course, we have pot holders made of macramé, cord or thick thread. This already depends on the tastes of each person. For example, my mother loves the one made of crochet, but as I always say, for the taste of colors.

A plant with a brown terracotta pot in the middle of the room is hanging from the ceiling

The truth is that these supports are very decorative and in combination with a nice plant it looks great. The only thing you will have to do from time to time is to remember to water the plant, there are times when you don’t remember until you start to see some dry leaves on the ground 😛

Shelves to place pots

This is one of the best ways to decorate a part of the house. It’s a very original way to put plants without having to make holes in the wall. All you have to do is assemble the shelf, put some screws and it will be ready to support the weight of your pots.

There are shelf-type supports for plants made of wood. The truth is that these are my favourites because they manage to give a much fresher touch to the living room, they decorate that corner we have next to the armchair very well. One of the best ways to have plants in our house.

a young wooden shelf with white pots with plants and flowers

Forget about having pots spread out all over the room, with these shelves you can put the pots that fit and breathe much purer air inside the house. Not to mention the convenience of watering all of them in one go, but remember to put a non-drip plate on them to avoid spilling water.

In addition to all the types of pot stands on the market, you can also find these products:

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