I have one piece of bad news and one piece of good news, so we’ll start with the less good. It turns out that most pots come with a few holes in the bottom to drain excess water for irrigation, this is very important so as not to water down the substrate of our plant and prevent the roots from rotting.

three terracotta coloured pots with plastic plates underneath.clay potting plates,ceramic patio plates,rectangular potting plates,large potting plates,square potting plates,plastic potting plates,square potting plates

The good news is that there are specially designed plates to collect the excess water that comes out of the bottom of the pot. This way we avoid spilling water all over the floor. These non-drip dishes are mainly used for houseplants, although there are also people who like to use them for patio pots.

Elho Green Basics Saucer Plato, Negro(Living), 25,3x25,3x3,7 cm
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Elho Green Basics Saucer Plato, Negro(Living), 25,3x25,3x3,7 cm
  • Fabricados con plástico reciclado. Busca "8711904106843, 8711904138646, 8711904131791,...
  • Siempre plantas sanas: gracias a su eficiente riego las raíces de sus plantas nunca se pudrirán.
  • Mediante el riego eficiente no se pudren las raíces de sus plantas
  • si la temperatura baja de los cero grados celsius asegúrese de traspasar los platos al interior,...
  • los productos están fabricados en plástico reciclado.

There are pots of various shapes: round, square and rectangular. Depending on the type of pot we have, we must choose a tray that has the right size. I recommend choosing a plate that is several centimeters larger than the lower size of the pot.

Best selling pot dishes

Why buy potting dishes?

The answer in this case is very simple and is that they work effectively so as not to spill water under the pot. There are times when we don’t have the measure of water to use for watering and we may overdo it. In these cases we will see how water comes out from the bottom of the pot.

a terracotta clay pot with a plate to collect water for irrigation

The problem comes when we go to water the pots inside our house. It probably happened to you once that you poured more water than you should have and the pot started draining underneath. For these cases it is essential to have a plate placed under the pot.

This way we prevent water from reaching the ground. As we can see it is a simple but very effective system. No more spills and water dripping on the floor. I’m convinced our potting dishes will work fantastically to avoid puddling the floor at home.

a set of pot and tray to collect water from the plant, also has yellow flowers inside

Some people also use these plates to place them in pots in the yard. It’s a good way to avoid staining the soil and stepping on water. Then we go inside the house and I’m sure someone will scold you. In my case I don’t have that problem because I live in the company of a dog that never tells me anything.

Plato para Maceta Terra Lotos, Color Terracota, 12 cm
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Plato para Maceta Terra Lotos, Color Terracota, 12 cm
  • Plato para maceta cuadrada de material plástico, para la maceta Begonia de 14x14 cm
  • Ligero, robusto, resistente a la intemperie
  • Robusto

Then we could say that with this simple but effective system there is no more staining the floor of the house. Now we are going to review above or below (depending on how you look at it) the types of materials used in the manufacture of pot dishes and review the different formats that exist on the market.

A few pots of different materials appear. Also a few green rubber boots for the garden and some tools for planting

Shapes and sizes of potting dishes

Well, in our online shop you can find plates for pots of any size and shape. Depending on the type of pot you have, you can choose one format or another. If your pot is big or giant you will need a plate similar to a paella pan 😛

Teraplast 09734320 Plato para Maceta, 20 x 4 cm, Transparente, 20x4x3 cm
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Teraplast 09734320 Plato para Maceta, 20 x 4 cm, Transparente, 20x4x3 cm
  • Material: Plástico PVC inyección
  • Para interior y exterior. Válido para Porto 25x27
  • Dimensiones: 20 x 4 centímetros

Joking aside, choosing a good dish for our pots is a simple task. All we have to do is look at the shape of the pot and choose a dish that is a few centimetres larger than the base of the pot. This way we get a little more water capacity in case we go overboard with watering.

✅ Large pot dishes
✅ Rectangular potted planters
✅ Square pot dishes
✅ Round potted planters
✅ Large pot dishes
✅ Planters’ plates

Elho Loft Urban Saucer Round Platillo, Blanco, 34.5x34.5x9 cm
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Elho Loft Urban Saucer Round Platillo, Blanco, 34.5x34.5x9 cm
  • Fabricados con plástico reciclado. Busca "8711904332211, 8711904333164, 8711904186418" para...
  • Para plantas siempre sanas; el riego eficiente previene que las raíces se pudran.
  • Para cada maceta elho existe el plato adecuado.
  • Útiles para evitar manchas de humedad sobre la mesa o sobre el pavimento de la terraza.
  • En caso de heladas habituales es importante retirar el plato para evitar que se congelen las...

You can also find rectangular plates designed for those planters that decorate our patios or hallways of the house. The same goes for round pots, although here for example some people like to use square plates because of the issue of having more capacity in case of excessive drainage.

pots of different materials and colors. some have metal plates underneath

What material are the planter plates made of?

This is already to everyone’s taste. You can find pot dishes or pots made of almost any material. I use some plastic ones for the flower pots I have in the yard but each person is a world. I usually move the pots from one side to the other and if I had plates of a more fragile material I am convinced that I would break them all 😛

✅ Plastic pot dishes
✅ Ceramic potting dishes
✅ Clay pot dishes
✅ Metal potted dishes

You will see that there is a great variety of designs designed for any type of pot. Now you must think about which one is ideal to place under your flowerpots. I don’t want to try to convince you but plastic ones are really easy to clean. There are times when greenish or lime stains appear from use.

a cat appears lying on the ground next to some plastic pots, they also have their saucers for the water

By this I don’t mean that plastic plates are the best, I simply mean that they are the best for me. But the thing changes if our idea is not to move the pots from place, in this case if we could choose a ceramic or even a clay plate.

Wheeled potted planters

Indeed, you can also find plates with wheels for your flowerpots. They are very comfortable if you want to move the plant from one place to another and on top of that they have the functionality of not spilling water when watering. I already told you that if there is a product related to pots you will probably find it on our page.

If you still haven’t decided which type or model of dish to choose, I can recommend some pots that don’t directly need planting. And how is this? Well, there are some pots on the market with automatic watering, so the plant takes the water according to its needs.

In addition to plates for pots, pots or planters, you can also find these products:

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