Bringing a plant into our home is something new. We look for a place in the house where to place it and let it grow. But it happens that as the days go by we get used to seeing always the same image. The plant keeps growing and getting more and more beautiful.

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However, for many days, the pot still has the same design as on its first day. Luckily for us there are some special pots that have been designed to cover our pots and give them a new touch so that plant and pot continue to go in harmony.

Ivyline Artstone Maceta para Flores Claire, Resistente a Las heladas y Ligera, Gris, 22x20cm
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Ivyline Artstone Maceta para Flores Claire, Resistente a Las heladas y Ligera, Gris, 22x20cm
  • Maceta para flores 22x20cm
  • Mezcla de plástico ligero y piedra
  • Sistema de drenaje en el fondo con depósito de agua
  • Material de alta calidad, reciclable y resistente a las heladas
  • Adecuada para uso interior y exterior

The flowerpots have a variety of designs that will give your houseplants a new style of elegance. What’s more, the whole room will look more elegant with one of our pot covers. I’m sure that this new packaging for your plant will be able to revive all its beauty.

The best-selling pot covers in our shop

Why buy pot covers?

They’re great for giving new life to those houseplants or outdoor plants we’ve become so familiar with over the years that we hardly ever count them, except for watering. From now on, with your new potting compost it will be like having a new plant.

a small flowering plant with a nice ceramic pot cover

There are many different designs and sizes of flowerpots on the market. This is something that will depend on your personal tastes since you will have a multitude of models on the market to let your imagination run wild as an interior decorator.

Mallalah Cesta de Almacenamiento Cesta de Mimbre de Flor Cesta de Lavandería Plegable Trenzada...
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Mallalah Cesta de Almacenamiento Cesta de Mimbre de Flor Cesta de Lavandería Plegable Trenzada...
  • ❀3 tamaños disponibles: S: 22 * 20cm / 8.6 * 7.8in. M: 27 * 24 cm / 10.6 * 9.4in. L: 32 * 28 cm /...
  • ❀Decoración para el hogar - La canasta es perfecta para las plantas. Suave, tierna y lo...
  • ❀El amor y el cuidado son traídos por artesanos. El color de la bolsa es, por supuesto, amarillo,...
  • ❀Estas cestas hechas a mano son ideales para guardar juguetes, libros, ropa de cama, ropa de cama...
  • ❀Hecho a mano 100% de algas marinas hechas a mano por expertos artesanos, cada canasta es única y...

There are flowerpots made of different materials. You can find them made of wicker capable of giving a very natural touch to the appearance of your plants. Wicker flowerpots work great with your home furniture. You can find them in wicker or made of straw.

a plant in the living room of the house. it has a light colored wicker pot cover. large pot cover. original pot cover of many different models and shapes.

They have elegant designs and there are models that have handles for the comfort of carrying it from one place to another. These flowerpots are very beautiful and it will probably be a long time before you decide to change them for different ones. So they will probably stay in your house for a long time.

We also have wooden bowls made by authentic woodworkers. They may have been made on a chain within a factory but this is something we do not know. So when a friend comes to see me and asks me about the spectacular wood bowl, I tell him that it is handmade 😛

a courtyard full of large plants with open pots or barrels, they look great outside

There are models made of wood in different sizes and shapes. You can find them in the shape of a bowl or even that they look like a wine cellar barrel split in half. Imagine the possibilities and the decorative game that one of these flowerpots offers. We also have a rectangular format to place several pots inside.

AmgateEu 2 piezas rectangular rústico maceta de madera caja contenedora planta
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AmgateEu 2 piezas rectangular rústico maceta de madera caja contenedora planta
  • hecha de madera natural,robusto y medio ambiente para el uso
  • incluye 2 piezas caja contenedora planta en el paquete
  • Tamaño: 8.9 "(L) * 3.5" (W) * 1.9 "(H)
  • grande para la siembra de plantas pequeñas y almacenar objetos pequeños
  • superficie de estilo rústico es ideal para decorar su mostrador ventana de escritorio alféizar

If you are looking for cheap and good quality flowerpots you will probably find it in our online shop. Many different models and with a wide variety of materials. I didn’t know that there were so many different models of flowerpots, thank goodness that I got to work and researched this subject thoroughly 😛

a flowerpot cover made of metal and brass, looks like a fence covering the pot

We have already seen a few elegant vintage-style flowerpots, but we still have to see the typical ceramic ones. These ceramic flowerpots can look great in an office or workplace. But they also look great in any room of the house. The final decision is always yours.

As for the shapes, it’s the same as in the pots and planters we have. We will find large pots, tall, small or any format that we are looking for. It’s just a matter of looking for the one we like best and putting that new dress on our plants.

a couple of chile plants placed inside some flowerpots, there seems to be a third large orange flowerpots

I hope I helped you out a little with that new suit, cover or dress for your plant. With this new outfit your plant will look spectacular and if you have more than one you will feel like you have changed all your plants for different and prettier ones. You can’t even imagine the change that an original plant cover can give your plants.

Pusher Vase Carcasa Cubremaceta, Papel, Multicolor, 14 x 14 x 25 cm
  • Bonito y colorido de ver
  • Y 'lavable
  • Disponible en varios tamaños

It is amazing the different models of pot covers we have, there are some that even seem to be made of cardboard. Anyway, dear friend who has an exquisite taste for the decoration and care of his plants, I hope you enjoyed reading all these interesting facts about “flowerpots” and at least buy me one 😛

In addition to pot covers, you can also find these products:

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