Manufactured with resistant plastic and ready to last for many years. Our plastic pots are designed to withstand shocks and falls. Another advantage is that they are really light and if you go with the idea of moving the pots around, it will be great.

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In my case, I have a “potted garden” on the terrace and every now and then I have to transplant or change crops. So it’s great for me that they are so light and can be handled so well. Another advantage is that they are also not damaged in the event of an accidental fall.

Elho 2055290 - Conceptos básicos de orquídeas Verdes del Maceta Creciente Transparentes de 13 x 13...
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Elho 2055290 - Conceptos básicos de orquídeas Verdes del Maceta Creciente Transparentes de 13 x 13...
  • Es adecuado para la jardinería en cualquier estación
  • Para cada tipo de verdura, fruta y tarro de hierbas
  • Esta hecho de plástico reciclado
  • Mide 13 x 13 x 12 cm y tiene un volumen de 1 L

In our shop we have a wide catalogue of pots so that you can plant whatever you like. We have the typical models in brown and also in many other colors. You can find square, round and rectangular pots in all possible shapes.

The most sold plastic pots in our shop

Why buy cheap plastic pots?

They are great for placing our prettiest plants and making them grow big and beautiful. Depending on the size of the plant you can choose a pot of one size or another. They are really great for the early stages of our plant.

a sprouted plant inside a small black plastic pot. small pots wholesale,rectangular plastic pot,big cheap plastic pots,big plastic pot,big plastic pots for greenhouse,wholesale plastic pots,rectangular plastic pot,

I like to start with a small pot so that the roots spread throughout the pot and once it has a good root ball it can be transplanted to a larger one. Taking the plant out of the pot is really easy if we use wholesale plastic pots, which are these fine plastic ones.

Elho Brussels Maceta Redonda, Rojo (Poppy Red), 11 x 11 x 9.6 cm
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Elho Brussels Maceta Redonda, Rojo (Poppy Red), 11 x 11 x 9.6 cm
  • Las pequeñas plantas de interior con tiesto caben perfectamente en la maceta, por lo que no se...
  • La maceta mini además está hecha de plástico, lo que la hace resistente a golpes
  • Disponible en diferentes medidas y colores: ¡combine a su gusto

They work very well in this respect, being so thin and light you can easily manipulate the plant and remove it from the pot without problems. The next step would be to take a bigger pot, add a good substrate and then place our plant in its new home.

brown pots with a sprouted plant inside. plastic pots wholesale,black plastic pots,square plastic pots,big square pot,plastic pots,11 liters pots cheap,square plastic pot,100 liters plastic pot,plastic pots,plastic pots

This is very convenient if you have a potted garden on the terrace as in my case. There will be many times when you will have to transplant from a small pot to a bigger one. Of course we can put our small plant in the big pot right away.

Gespout Maceta de Plástico con Bandeja Jardín Balcón Planta Maceta Color Maceta de Plástico...
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Gespout Maceta de Plástico con Bandeja Jardín Balcón Planta Maceta Color Maceta de Plástico...
  • Material: resina PP, no tóxica e insípida, ecológicamente segura, superficie lisa, evita fugas de...

But in the case of some vegetables it is convenient to get a good root ramification so that they can get their best fruits in the final pot. By doing it this way you ensure that the plant gets more vigorous in its new and final pot.

the fountain of a nice little village decorated with many plants in orange and brown plastic pots, is beautiful

Large plastic pots

Following the thread of growing vegetables on the terrace I was telling you about passing the plants into a final pot. Large plastic pots are great for this purpose. This way you will get tomatoes, aubergines, peppers and other vegetables that are always of very good quality.

If you are going to plant in the yard, it is advisable to use white plastic pots. It is possible that if you live in an area where the temperature in spring and summer is very mild because you do not need to be this color. I live in Andalusia and the best option is to always choose white plastic pots.

three pots placed in the small stone street, have plants with white and pink flowers

By using this color we get the pot not to heat up as much as it would in a brown or even black color. Actually if you live in a very hot area and where the summer sun is really hot, the colour black should be ruled out.

Elho Loft Urban Round Macetero Redondo, Blanco, 59x59x69.2 cm
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Elho Loft Urban Round Macetero Redondo, Blanco, 59x59x69.2 cm
  • Fabricados con plástico reciclado. Busca "8711904200572" para encontrar tu accesorio...
  • Esta maceta se suministra siempre con reserva de agua, así no debes preocuparte de tus plantas.
  • ¿A ti también te molestan esas feas manchas en la terraza, justo donde tienes la maceta? Puedes...
  • Todas las macetas se fabrican con plástico de alta calidad y son 100% reciclables.
  • Gracias a la resistencia al hielo, la maceta se adapta a los cambios bruscos de temperatura propios...

Using large white pots is the best idea if you live in a place where summer exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. This keeps the soil at a cooler temperature and less water evaporates, although watering in summer should be done almost daily.

mint in a black pot in a white pot

If you are looking for cheap giant plastic pots you might find a model that you like in our online shop specialized in selling plastic pots. It’s up to you to choose a pot that will be perfect for your plant to grow healthy.

Cheap plastic planters for nurseries

We specialize in all types of pots but small plastic pots are the most commonly used. They are perfect for placing the already rooted cuttings of some plants. You can also germinate from seed in one of these plastic greenhouse pots.

I have many small plastic pots always full of soil and plants inside. This is where they will spend their first month of life and will hardly have any direct sunlight. So in this case you shouldn’t worry about the color they have even though the normal color is brown.

four large round black pots in the backyard of a house

They are very light and soft to facilitate handling and subsequent extraction of the plant. This type of pot has a very comfortable size that allows you to hold the plant with one hand and the pot with the other, you will see how quick and easy it is to extract the root ball from the pot.

T4U 11CM Macetas Cactus de Vivero Plastico Paquete de 8, Maceteros Pequeños para Suculento Plantas...
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T4U 11CM Macetas Cactus de Vivero Plastico Paquete de 8, Maceteros Pequeños para Suculento Plantas...
  • 🎄 Calidad superior - Esta sembradora de resina está hecha de PP reforzado, lo que la hace...
  • 卍 Diseño inteligente - El diseño del orificio de drenaje puede mantener el equilibrio del...
  • 卍 Estilo a juego fácil - Encuentre la sembradora perfecta para la decoración de su hogar,...
  • 卍 Especificación - Conjunto de 8, Dimensión:11 x 11 x 15cm (L x A x A). Nota: los...
  • 卍 100% de garantia de satisfaccion - Devolución gratuita y cambio dentro de los 90 días de...

We are experts in selling small plastic pots for nurseries or greenhouses. It is a widely used product and is widely taken by people who are experts in growing both indoor and outdoor plants. The good thing about this material is that you can use and reuse it as many times as you like.

Square plastic pots

Undoubtedly the best when it comes to making the most of the space between the pots. There are times when we have a very small place to place our plants and we need to take advantage of as much space as possible. Well, with the square pots it will be possible.

There are people who grow plants indoors under a fairly strong light. In these cases it is essential to focus the light on the crop. And this is achieved by creating a perfect square between several square pots. In this case it doesn’t matter if they are white or black square pots.

Macetas de tamaño grande, de la marca CrazyGadget, 2 unidades, plástico, marrón, 26.6L
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Macetas de tamaño grande, de la marca CrazyGadget, 2 unidades, plástico, marrón, 26.6L
  • Cantidad:2 unidades. Macetas de plástico de gran calidad y estructura de estilo mimbre.
  • El juego incluye: macetero y revestimiento interior.
  • Dimensiones externas:26,6 litros:26 x 26 x 50,5 cm de altura. 16,3 litros:22,5 x 22,5 x...
  • Hechos de polipropileno.Se pueden utilizar en interiores o al aire libre, con o sin forro.
  • Macetero grande y elegante.

I almost forgot something and that is that there are very elegant designs that serve to decorate the interior of the house. They are longer and have beautiful designs that stand out for their modernity. Imagine how good a palm tree would look in a square plastic pot.

Rectangular plastic pots

Your best option if you plan to have an urban garden. Ideally, they should be medium or large in size. I use a rectangular pot to grow onions. It’s spectacular how well they grow in a pot that’s at least 12 inches high. They also work great for growing strawberries.

We also have very elegant interior models. They will look perfect in that undecorated corridor we go through so many times during the day. Now that I think it would look great a rectangular planter at the entrance of the floor, I’m almost going to look at which one to put 😛

Colored plastic pots

It has always been said that there are as many colours as there are tastes, as we have a special catalogue with coloured plastic pots. It is possible that inside you will find the color that you like most, the truth is that the amount of colors is very varied.

several pots with different colours of plastic, orange, red, yellow, white, grey, pink

Our colorful planters are competitively priced. It is very probable that we have the best prices in the whole internet, although don’t pay attention to me either because I might have said it so that you can buy some of our colorful flowerpots 😛

coloured pots for the plastic balcony

You can also find plastic pots specially designed to hang on the railing of our balcony. We also have different sizes and colors for this type of plastic pots.

In addition to cheap plastic pots and planters, you can also find these products:

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