If you are looking for a rectangular pot to put beautiful plants in and place somewhere in the house or outdoors, chances are you will find it in our shop. We have planters of all possible sizes and heights. If you have a place to put it, you’re halfway there.

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You can find planters made of wood, cement, plastic, fiberglass or even stone. This is something that should go with the taste of each person, I for example have in the courtyard are plastic but that’s because the soil move from one side to another and if they were a heavier material could not with them 😛

Emsa 959101200 Balcone - Jardinera (100 cm), color blanco
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Emsa 959101200 Balcone - Jardinera (100 cm), color blanco
  • Paredes particularmente gruesas
  • Retención de forma absoluta
  • Estabilidad dimensional
  • Con elaborada imitación madera, simple y elegante
  • Material: plástico

But if you are planning to put a planter with some beautiful and aromatic flowering plants to decorate, you will certainly be interested in a planter that has an elegant design. Although we all have different tastes, I invite you to look at our catalogue of planters and find the one you like best.

The most sold planters in our shop

Why buy planters or rectangular pots?

They are great to put in those places where we want to give a new touch of originality. They serve as a decorative element in any corridor we have. But remember to put some natural plants inside them to make them look even more beautiful.

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There are plants that adapt very well inside our house. They are fantastic for filling any room that we have forgotten with a green and natural touch. Of course I am talking about natural plants for indoor gardeners, as we will put plants is better if they are not artificial.

Degarden Jardinera Rectangular Exterior Fabricado en Hormigón | Macetero Decorativo en Piedra...
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Degarden Jardinera Rectangular Exterior Fabricado en Hormigón | Macetero Decorativo en Piedra...
  • Los pedidos cuyo peso total sea superior a 40Kg. la entrega se realiza paletizado a pie de calle.

Our rectangular planters have been designed to accommodate any type of plant you wish. There are people who place some palms, broad-leaved plants or even fill it with many different species of cactus. This is already to the liking of each person.

a rectangular plastic planter on terrace with a strawberry crop. wood planter for balconies,amazon planter,wood planter to hang,big plastic planter,big wood planter,cheap concrete planter,fiber planter,big rectangular pots,plastic planter,big stone planter

A few lines ago I was telling you that I have some planters on the terrace. I use them to grow some vegetables and aromatic plants. This year I have tried to plant some strawberries and the truth is that it is not going badly, it is a delight to eat strawberries directly from the plant.

Elho Barcelona Trough Jardinero balcón, Lima, 39.5x19.5x22.5 cm
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Elho Barcelona Trough Jardinero balcón, Lima, 39.5x19.5x22.5 cm
  • Siempre el mejor cuidado para sus plantas gracias a sus tubos de drenaje
  • Para el mejor cuidado de sus plantas escoja también una base adecuada
  • Esta maceta de balcón es ideal para cualquier estación dada su resistencia a las heladas
  • Es fácil de limpiar y resistente a golpes
  • las macetas de balcón elho siempre están hechas de plástico de alta calidad y son completamente...

Choosing plants for outdoor planters is very simple. Some people have several herbs in one container that you can use for cooking. The most common is to plant oregano, thyme, rosemary and some chives.

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If you’re going to have a city garden, you’re going to need a lot of full-sized planters or several large ones. You will see near the bottom of the page some models of huge planters to plant many vegetables, imagine picking your own salad from the garden.

Cesta de jardín elevada, maceta cuadrada de polietileno, bolsa de cultivo para plantas, flores,...
  • Hecho de material de PE, un muy duradero, resistente a los rayos UV que proporciona un flujo de aire...
  • Cama de jardín de polietileno para plantas, flores y hierbas frescas, verduras y frutas. Listo para...
  • Este tamaño de cama cuadrada es de 60 x 60 x 25 cm. Tiene cuatro compartimentos; se puede colocar...
  • Bolsa de cama desplegable, rellena con mezcla de plantas, y ya está listo para un jardín...
  • Adecuado para crear jardinería, balcón, techo, porche trasero, invernadero, mesa u otras...

You can also have planters with flowers that smell nice, like jasmine or roses. They are also very good for placing some orchids. As you can see, we have planters for all tastes. You can also hang them on the terrace or leave them on the ground with a drip-proof plant.

a plastic planter with pink flowers, it looks like they are hanging on a railing. fiberglass planter,cement outdoor planter,cheap large plastic planter,cement planter,amazon planter,large rectangular planter,rectangular clay planter,large wooden planter,terrace planter,large rectangular pots

Imagine a beautiful clay or cast stone planter. You will still find it in different sizes. As I always say the size will depend on the type of plant we are going to have. Although it is also very important the space we have in the place where we are going to place it.

DEGARDEN Jardinera 120X40X40cm. en Color y Acabados Terracota Barro cocido en Piedra Artificial...
  • Una gran elección para decorar cualquier punto, tanto al interior como al exterior. Le dará un...
  • Ideal para EXTERIOR, jardín, terrazas. Resiste los fuertes vientos, lluvía, granizo, bajas...
  • Fabricado en España.
  • MATERIAL: Piedra artificial, hormigón (cemento y áridos de mármol). PESO:104Kg.
  • Los pedidos cuyo peso total sea superior a 40Kg. la entrega se realiza paletizado a pie de calle.

Our planters are cheap and economically priced, although this always depends on the material they are made of. A rectangular plastic pot is not the same as a wooden or cement pot. There is something about planters that the lighter they are the cheaper they are 😛

white rectangular flowerpots with white flowers, they are on the wall with some supports. plastic for wooden flowerpots, white stone flowerpots, hanging flowerpots, rectangular flowerpots, big rectangular flowerpots, flowerpots with white stones, white flowerpots, flowerpots decorated with stones, outdoor flowerpots, balcony flowerpots,

Wooden planters

I hope I’m not wrong when I say that these are the ones I like the most. Outdoor wood planters look great in combination with green and hardwood plants. In a way, choosing a plant to match our planter should be an important decision.

In our shop we have wooden planters with latticework also made of wood. These are among the most colorful and elegant you can find. Imagine putting a vine plant and see how little by little it covers all the latticework, if it were a jasmine it would be amazing.

a covered wooden patio, cheap wooden planters, wooden floor, wooden fence, thank goodness the plants are natural. rectangular planters, stone planters, large concrete planters, cheap outdoor planters, indoor planters in houses, cheap planters, balcony planters, balcony planters, high outdoor planters, high rectangular pot,

This kind of flower boxes look very nice in the courtyard or even in our urban garden that we have mounted on the terrace. I have them made of plastic for comfort but the truth is that as soon as they get damaged I would like to put some big wooden planters to grow more vegetables 😛

Fiberglass planters

They are made of high-strength fiberglass. It is a hard, lightweight material that will have no problem with withstanding rain and sunshine. Its line usually has elegant designs and very modern lines. They are fantastic for decorating the garden of the house.

These planters are used for bar terraces, it is very normal to find them at the entrance of some summer terraces. They are vertical planters that beautify the leisure premises you have. Of course you will get your terrace to look much nicer than usual.

tall, large planters in a garden, you have ribbon plants

If I had a villa with a nice garden and a pool, I would probably have some big fiberglass planters around the bathing area. But unfortunately I live in a small flat with a terrace and if I had to put planters I would have to jump from one side to the other 😛

Stone planters

Now it’s time to talk about some rectangular pots that are mostly used to decorate the place we want. These cast stone planters are somewhat heavy and that is why they are not designed to be moved too much from one place to another.

Anyway, these stone garden boxes will look great anywhere. Try putting in some plants that you like a lot and you’ll see the perfect combination it makes together with the planter. It will make watering your plants a pleasant part of the day.

a stone planter with some aloe vera plants inside

Luckily for us there are also artificial stone planters at very good prices. These are easier to handle. They are not as heavy as white stone or natural stone planters, so you will have a serious problem if you want to move them 😛

Plastic planters

The time has come to talk about the most comfortable planters on the market. They may not be the prettiest, but they are the lightest. Although lately we can find the newest designs. There are some that even pretend to be made in other materials.

Rectangular plastic planters are cheap due to the low cost of that material. You can find them in different sizes depending on the use you want to give it. I have some big plastic planters that are great for growing some vegetables.

plastic planter with snow on top

Although as I always say for tastes the colors, and as there are so many different models on the market because I am convinced that you will find one that you really like. I chose a basic model but you will see that you will be able to find it in different colors and that really makes it a decorative planter.

Metal planters

These rectangular pots have a unique style. We have some hand-painted models that are widely used to place in centerpieces or even in the entrance of some houses. They are made of zinc, tin or even copper but they are really light.

The size of these flowerpots is usually not very big since they are looking to decorate small corners of the house. If you are interested in finding a big metal planter what I recommend is to use an old tub, you can paint it as you like and you will have a vintage planter 😛

huge blue planter, but it's a painted bathtub with plants in it

Remember to put some heavy-duty legs on that giant planter. This ingenious gardener may be very curious, but you certainly see a lot of it in urban gardens. It’s a nice way to recycle and give a second chance to this sanitation.

Cement planters

Indeed, these planters made of reinforced concrete could not be missing. They are resistant and have very elegant and minimalist designs. They usually have well-defined lines that highlight the beauty of the plants that we decide to place inside them.

I’m going to explain to you how to make cement planters in a very simple way. On the market there are some molds for making cement planters made of silicone. You will have to prepare the cement mixture and then pour it into one of these moulds.

curious rectangular cement pot with some plants inside with soil

The good thing about these indoor and outdoor cement planters is that they will not suffer from the weather. They are designed to last for many years as long as you don’t hit them hard. Although they are so hard that they break the object that hits them 😛

Big flowerpots

It is possible that none of the previous gardeners of the size when placing many plants in one place. This problem is a thing of the past, since there are giant planters to make your terrace a real garden in the middle of the city.

Large outdoor planters are usually made of wood or plastic. Although rectangular plastic planters are not as big as those made of wood. I use a cheap large plastic planter and it works great for growing strawberries.

very large pot to plant many plants, is in a garden of a huge house

No doubt these giant planters are fantastic for growing all kinds of plants and vegetables. There are people who dare to plant melons and watermelons in the biggest ones and they really get very good fruits. If you have plenty of space in the yard or on the terrace I would put in one of these planters.

Hanging flowerpots for balconies

Sometimes we want to decorate our balcony a bit and I can’t think of a better way than to put up some hanging planters for the balcony. You will see that we have the typical models and others not so typical. This is already a matter of finding the one you like best 😛

We have wooden planters to hang on the balcony, also in plastic and metal. The truth is that a balcony decorated with flower boxes full of aromatic plants looks very nice. Some people let the jasmines grow downstairs until they almost reach the neighbour.

a plastic planter hung on a balcony rail

So let’s say that these planters designed to hang from the balcony will look great with summer plants that give off a pleasant smell. I like jasmine very much but there are people who prefer to plant some ladies at night, as always the choice is yours 😛

In addition to rectangular pots, you can also find these products:

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