Indeed, dear friend, here you can find pots made of different types of metal. These pots are usually made of zinc, tin and even copper. These pots combine the elegance of metal with the lightness of the metals used.

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Although our pots are made of metal, they are curiously light. This is because the materials used in their manufacture are resistant but very light. They are also designed to withstand both the winter rain and the stifling heat of summer, if you want to use them outdoors.

KING DO WAY 12 X Hierro Plata Juego de Macetas Chapado Flor Empresa de Jardinería de Olla Juego de...
  • Just hay 12 macetas paquete por juego, que sería suficiente para su propio uso de jardinería.
  • el paquete incluye 1 x Maceta de zinc chapado de hierro (12 pcs)
  • Just Tamaño: 11 cm de altura x 12 cm. Diámetro en la parte superior x 9 cm de diámetro en la...
  • color: plata
  • Just brillante & impresionante Outlook, perfecto para las plantas de su bebé

There are models of metal pots that come with decorative drawings. These are great for placing a beautiful plant inside and placing the pot in any corner of the house. Some people use them to decorate centerpieces, shelves or even the bathroom furniture.

The best selling metal pots in our shop

Why buy metal pots?

It’s time to explain to you why you should have a metal pot. I’m actually coming up with a few as I write. The main reason may be because of the originality of having such a pot in the house.

painted sheet metal pots of various colors and filled with floral plants. they are hung on a wall rail

I personally have some decorative pots around the house and they are indeed made of metal. I have one in the bathroom and another in the kitchen. They are made of well-polished galvanized steel. I like the style and how well they combine with the white furniture I have in my house. Which, by the way, are older than Methuselah.

Leaf Maceta de Metal Grande de 22 x 18 cm con Borde Recto de Color Plateado Martillado, 22 x 18 cm
  • Esta maceta de metal mide 22 cm de ancho x 18 cm de alto. El diámetro interior es de 20 cm (por lo...
  • Como todas estas macetas están hechas a mano, hay pequeñas diferencias de uno a otro y cada una es...
  • Estas macetas están hechas a mano en un acabado rústico con pequeñas imperfecciones.
  • El precio es solo para la maceta, pero hemos incluido algunas fotos para mostrar cómo se vería...
  • Tenemos esta misma maceta disponible en una variedad de tamaños y colores. Para uso en interiores.

Well, I’ve had these metal pots for several years now and they’re just like the first day. You don’t see any rust and one of them always fills up the steam room when I take a shower. So if this was one of your worries you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it either.

a galvanized steel pot with a plastic plant to decorate the house

Now, if you like those little rusty spots that give an antique touch to the pot, you’ll have to use pots made of zinc. It is still a very resistant material but it has this kind of ability to rust over the years, but in a way it is very beautiful.

Dipamkar Juego de 3 macetas de metal para colgar con orificio de drenaje, plantas de balcón,...
16 Opiniones
Dipamkar Juego de 3 macetas de metal para colgar con orificio de drenaje, plantas de balcón,...
  • Todas las macetas colgantes están recubiertas de polvo, tanto para uso interior como exterior
  • Manija extraíble, un agujero en la parte inferior, transpirable y drenaje de agua.
  • Estas atractivas macetas son una gran idea para el jardinero creativo, ilumina tu balcón
  • Dimensiones: W33 × D15 × H14cm

Keep in mind that a metal pot will take a few years to rust, and that’s if we use them outside the house. Another reason to use metal pots is that they look great in the yard. I have several clay pots and some metal ones, a very nice combination.

Zinc pots a little worn out by the years. Still very beautiful

It may seem that because they are made of metal they are heavier than other materials. But nothing could be further from the truth, they are actually light and can be handled and moved from one place to another very easily. So if this was one of your worries you can rest assured that they are not going to be heavy.

Hearthrousy Jarrones Vintage Plantas Maceta De Hierro Vintage Metal Hierro Macetas Pequeña...
  • Retro y hermoso: esta maceta vintage hará que su jardín sea hermoso y se puede utilizar para...
  • Uso amplio: apto para tipo de suelo, tipo combinado, escritorio, maceta colgante y plantación de...
  • Material: hecho de hierro de alta calidad, resistente y duradero, no se deforma fácilmente,...
  • Dimensiones: Sección redonda: boca superior 13, boca inferior 9.5, altura 12 cm sección ovalada:...
  • Regalo ideal: ideal para celebrar fiestas, cumpleaños, bodas, inauguración, compromisos, duchas y...

Metal potted plants look much nicer. Something about this material makes your plants stand out even more. Imagine having some red tulips inside a metal pot that look like they’re many years old. It really is a very beautiful looking image.

tulip plants in a zinc metal pot, it's a big metal pot

Metal pots for all tastes

You will be able to find metal pots of different shapes and sizes. This way you can let your decorative imagination run wild and play with the shapes or even the colours of the pots. Mix square pots with round pots, big pots with small pots or anything you can think of 😛

Maceta (Davina redonda gris blanco gewischt Zinc 27 cm x h11,5 cm
  • Macetero Davina redondo
  • Color: gris blanco translúcido/Shabby Chic
  • Material: Cinc/Tau
  • Tamaño: 27 cm x h11,5 cm

Square metal pots are great for placing in a corner. But that’s not something that should condition the shape of the pot either. There are also people who use small square pots to decorate centerpieces.

a large, wide, round metal pot with fat, fleshy flowers

I was recently at a friend’s house who is a gardening enthusiast and has a pot on every table in the house. There’s one that really caught my eye. He had formed a kind of oasis with cactus and small rocks inside a square, very wide pot.

albena shop 73-156 Elsa Conjunto de 3 macetas de hierbas jardín con bandeja de zinc 31,5 x 11 x 11...
  • Macetas redondeos hecha de metal, en la mirada nostálgica de zinc
  • Práctico set de 3 con una bandeja oval, flores, hierbas y arreglos
  • Material: Metal con zinc viejo y acabado
  • Color: Zinc | Volumen de suministro: 4 piezas
  • Tamaño: 31,5 x 11 x 11 cm | Bandeja: altura 5.5 cm | Bandeja: ø 10,5 x 11 cm

Lately, round pots with wide mouths are being used a lot for patio plants. For this purpose, they are using both fleshy-leafed and flowering plants. Although, as they always say, “for color’s sake”. So it is up to you to use the metal pot as a canvas to paint with plants 😛

Vintage metal pots

Well, let’s just say that the time has come to give our plants a more original and vintage touch. That’s why we have these pots with very nice designs and colors that will increase the beauty of the room where you decide to place it. Well, they look good anywhere in the house so you only have to choose one place 😛

There are metal pots painted in different colors. These can be used outdoors or indoors. Some of them even have a hook to hang them where you like. From a balcony, a railing or even a shelf. They are usually medium sized for hanging plants or plants with aromatic flowers.

vintage pot or flowerpot with beautiful painted plants on the metal of the pot

You have to see how beautiful a plant looks in a vintage metal pot. It’s as if plant and pot were fused into a perfect sort of pot. I’m sure it would look great with some orchids inside. But the plant you decide to put in will still look nice and pretty.

There are metal pots that even come in very original shapes. They are so beautiful that they look even without plants, although I recommend that you put a very nice and striking plant inside, as if it were a thistle borriquero. But remember to use a good substrate so that the plants grow healthy 😛

albena shop 73-153 Berta Conjunto de 3 macetas para colgar zinc 27.5 x 15.5 cm
  • Macetas de zinc práctico para colgar, para una plantación individual
  • Coloridas flores, sobre la baranda del balcón o hierbas aromáticas en el jardín
  • Material: Metal con zinc viejo y acabado
  • Color: Zinc con negro impresión "y jardín de flores". Volumen de entrega: 3 unidades
  • Tamaños: Óvalo caja: 27,5 x 15,5 x 12,5 cm · Alrededor de ollas: ø 13 x 13 cm | Altura de la...

Well, it seems that I haven’t left any metal pots behind, I think I’ve explained quite a bit about this kind of pots. If you’ve come this far, maybe you’ve written well or you just haven’t decided to buy me one of these cool pots. Whatever it is I hope you enjoyed my words 🙂

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