It seems that you are looking for a really big pot and you can’t find it, luckily we are specialists in all kinds of pots and of course also in giant pots. If your idea is to plant a fruit tree or some kind of big bush you will certainly need a lot of soil.

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The large pots provide a good amount of soil for our plant, they also have very elegant and modern designs that together with the plant will be a perfect combination. There are many people who place them in the garden as a decoration next to the pool.

SATURNIA 8096560 8096560-Maceta clásica, 40 x 30 cm, Marrón, 41x41x31 cm
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SATURNIA 8096560 8096560-Maceta clásica, 40 x 30 cm, Marrón, 41x41x31 cm
  • Maceta clasica.
  • Realizado en plástico.
  • Color terracotta.
  • Con orificios en la base.
  • Medidas (diámetro x altura): 40x30 cm. Artículo también conocido como macetero, jardinera,...

We have pots made of various materials and in large or giant sizes. If you have a place to put a big pot, I’m sure it will look great wherever you decide to put it. They are great for using large or vine type plants and will look great in your garden.

The best selling large pots in our store

Why buy giant plant pots?

They are great for placing tall plants and fruit trees. Imagine being able to harvest your own fruit in the garden. There are times when you need a lemon for cooking or even for a snack. If you had a lemon tree planted in a large outdoor pot, that would be the end of it.

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I have a friend who is lucky enough to have a very big terrace, almost as big as my whole flat. Well, he has about six or seven big tree pots and in each one he has a different variety of fruit. He has one that gives him pears, another one that gives him apples, cherries and a few others.

Elho Pure Round Macetero Redondo, White, 40 cm
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Elho Pure Round Macetero Redondo, White, 40 cm
  • Fabricados con amor por la naturaleza. Busca "8711904142889" para encontrar tu accesorio...
  • Adecuada tanto para interior como para exterior
  • Debido a que es resistente a la radiación UV, mantiene el color
  • Gracias a la resistencia al hielo, la maceta se adecúa a todas las estaciones
  • Muy ligera y fácil de mover

Apart from having many plants in large pots he also likes to use smaller sizes for other plants that do not require much soil. Some plants are content with little space to expand their roots. Remember to use liquid fertilizer when planting in a pot.

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If you are looking for cheap large indoor or outdoor pots you will most likely find it in our specialty shop for giant pots and planters. Are you looking for a large pot for your garden? Are you planning to put some fruit trees in large pots?

Verde Jem Barril de plástico Maceta, Madera, tamaño Grande
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Verde Jem Barril de plástico Maceta, Madera, tamaño Grande
  • Se puede colocar en el jardín o alrededor de la casa
  • Excepcional Detalle, resistente a la intemperie
  • Haría un regalo ideal
  • Tamaño: 50,5 cm x 36,5 cm aprox.

If you need cheap large pots or very large pots for outside or inside we may have what you are looking for. Well friend, these last two paragraphs I had to write so that Google knows that this page talks exclusively about giant flowerpots 😛

a huge clay pot with a hanging leaf plant

Types of large and giant pots depending on the material

Well, it looks like we’re going to have to choose the type of material we want our big pot to be made of. This already depends on what you are looking for, I for example am satisfied with a good large plastic pots, the truth is that I do not seek to decorate.

I live with a little dog and we hardly ever get visitors at home, apart from the fact that I’m not very good at decorating either. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I like to go for the practical and cheap and that’s why I stay with this kind of material. Although it is true that I have several types of pots.

almost all the neighbors of this street have big pots with plants and trees in the entrance of their house, it is spectacular

But I’ve never tried to combine one with the other or anything like that, I’m a quitter in that respect hahaha. Luckily for mankind there are people like you who have an exquisite taste for decoration and combination of materials. We have many pots made from all kinds of materials.

Big plastic pots

Possibly the most manageable and lightest pots on the market. Though only when they’re empty. Once you have filled it with soil, it will weigh heavily and when it is soaked with water there is no one to move it from the site. Even so they are still the lightest 😛

many fruit trees stuffed into huge pots

Large plastic pots are often used for trees or large plants. We also have giant plastic pots to get our plant’s roots to grow without a break. If we have the idea of planting fruit trees it will be noticed in the quality and taste of its fruits.

There are models that come with built-in wheels but a good option would be to use a stand with wheels to move them around more easily. Although if we go with the idea of not moving them in a long time because we simply put them on top of a non-drip plate for giant plastic pots and that’s it.

Big clay pots

This kind of potting is the kind of potting that we’ve always done. My grandfather still has some giant clay pots still in the yard. Those are the heaviest ones, and he’s really had them in the same place for as long as I can remember. Maybe that’s why they’ve survived so many years.

four giant pots made of terracotta clay

When I was little, we used to gather the grandchildren in our grandparents’ yard and play ball. It is a very big yard with high walls so you can imagine the amount of giant and not so big pots and planters that it has all over the yard.

It’s true that we accidentally broke some pots hahaha but I don’t know how he managed that when we went to his house again he always had more and more pots. It seems that at that time he was practicing with the reproduction of the plants, and what if he succeeded 😛

Big ceramic pots

These beautiful glazed pots are a visual delight. They usually have a nice white color or some hand painted design. Although nowadays they can be found in different colours. You only need to choose a plant that has flowers that match the colour of the pot.

three giant pots made of blue ceramic porcelain

There is a wide variety of designs and finishes to each more beautiful. These glazed ceramic pots are ideal for placing inside the house. Although many people have them in the garden or on the terrace of the house. The truth is that nowadays any place is good to place a pot.

Remember that this material is not as strong as others, I do not mean that they will break just by looking at them. It’s just that if you give it a half-strong blow, the most normal thing is that the pot will crack. Although if you don’t have very unruly grandchildren you won’t have a problem 😛

Large fiberglass resin pots

This stuff is starting to be one of my favorites. It has the lightness of plastic but much greater strength. Not to mention that the designs are much more modern and elegant. If you are looking for large artificial pots I am convinced that fiberglass is a very good choice.

several pots made of fiberglass resin and have a fuchsia color

They are used a lot to decorate offices and workplaces, they also decorate any part of the house beautifully. In combination with a broad-leaved or palm-like plant it looks great. We also have giant fibreglass pots in case the plant grows tall and you need to transplant it into a giant pot.

Whatever the reason, choosing a large resin pot is a good idea. I am renovating the ones I have in the yard for pots made of this material. However, as the ones I have are breaking, I am changing them for others, but I do not plan to make a complete renovation plan 😛

Big wooden pots

I love these pots, they are the only ones that give a unique touch wherever you decide to place the plant. There is something about the wood that in combination with a plant full of flowers gives a formidable look. I have in mind to put a giant rectangular pot on one side of the patio.

large pot made of wooden planks and varnished, has some colorful flowers planted

But until I finish renewing the plastic pots I don’t have room to put a giant wooden planter. Although the idea is to use it for some vegetable cultivation, I had thought of placing all the lettuces in the same pot, maybe this wooden one will be the one.

If you have the idea of setting up an urban garden on the terrace, the best thing to do is to use large wooden pots to give a natural touch to our new hobby. It really feels great to eat your own fruit and vegetables, especially strawberries 😛

Large stone pots

The time has come to talk about pots that have been in our civilization for hundreds of years. They’re possibly one of the first pots ever made. In ancient times, stone was carved to form a pot to place the plants in, I imagine that at that time they would begin to decorate the interior of the houses.

a giant stone pot in a kind of park, there is a human sleeping the Andalusian siesta. where to buy cheap big pots.

This type of giant stone pot is still seen in ancient villages, especially in centuries-old parks where the only thing that has changed is the vegetation. These stone pots are very hard and were made to last as long as possible.

Today the stone is melted and poured into moulds to achieve spectacular designs but with the same characteristics as the stone. Although the current stone pots are actually even more resistant than the old ones, although we may not live long enough to see it 😛

Giant cement pots

Another material designed to last for years and years. Personally, it is a material that I have not been able to use for planting pots. So I can’t tell you any personal experience about this type of large cement pots. Maybe I should buy one one of these days.

a pot in the shape of a reinforced concrete obelisk

Think that these cement pots are as heavy as the stone ones. You should probably choose a good place to put it before you fill it with soil. If they are already heavy when they are empty, I don’t want to imagine when they will be filled with soil and a big and beautiful plant.

Cement can be a good material if we want to paint the pot and decorate it to our taste, maybe you could paint it with some kind of enamel with a nice color. This is already a matter of seeing it because some cement pots have some very nice factory designs.

Large rectangular pots

Whether you go indoors or outdoors, these large planters will look great wherever you decide to put them. I like to use them to plant onions and strawberries. For onions you’ll need a larger size, but for strawberries it goes great.

a beautiful and elegant gigantic pot to place some flowers, is placed in front of a small lake

Of course, depending on the material you choose, they can be used to decorate any part of the house. There are large fiber or stone pots that look great in the living room or even in the hallway. Put some of these natural plants full of aromatic flowers and you will forget about using the air freshener.

Many people use them to decorate the pool area along with a few palms. Imagine taking a relaxing dip in the pool and seeing yourself surrounded by tropical plants. It must be a totally amazing moment, but for that I need to sell a lot of big pots 😛

Big pot dishes

This is already a matter of everyone’s tastes and needs. I don’t have any dishes under the pots, I prefer to drain the water underneath. Although maybe if I had a partner I would have no choice but to put big plates under the pots, so that “my sweet little princess” doesn’t get her feet wet.

Depending on the size and shape of your pot, you should put the plate on. If you have a rectangular pot, it is advisable to use a plate of similar size. The key is to make it a little bigger than the base of the pot. The truth is that this doesn’t have much history 😛

Large indoor and outdoor pots

As you may have noticed, there are large pots of many shapes, colours and materials. There are designs for all tastes and whether you are looking for giant outdoor or indoor pots, remember that pots10 is the best place to buy giant, large and cheap pots.

I almost forgot something, every day we are seeing more and more large terrace pots in the bars. They really add a great touch to the “tapas world”. There is something about these bars that are so full, maybe they fill the terraces with plants for big outdoor pots? 😉

Besides big and cheap pots for plants, you can also find these products:

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