You just landed on the only website where the pots don’t touch the ground. If you’re looking for hanging pots for the ceiling you’re probably in the right place. They are great for placing a vine type plant and letting its leaves fall down.

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We have wall hanging planters, balcony hanging planters and if you are looking for hanging planters we may also have it. We are an online shop that specialises in pots of any material, shape, colour or size.

Keter - Maceta colgante de 3 cadenas Hanging Sphere, 8,6 litros, Color grafito,
451 Opiniones
Keter - Maceta colgante de 3 cadenas Hanging Sphere, 8,6 litros, Color grafito,
  • Incluye maceta colgante de forma semicircular de tres cadeanas y un gancho en color grafito.
  • Su elegante diseño de acabado ratán hace de la maceta Hanging Sphere el complemento ideal para su...
  • Macetas decorativas de exterior con estructuras de gran calidad y resistencia.
  • Los orificios de drenaje regulan el riego, protegiendo del exceso de agua y la descomposición de...
  • Maceta original con diseño moderno, perfectamente combinable con el resto de sus muebles de...

Imagine having a pot hanging from the kitchen ceiling with a jasmine plant, that pleasant aroma floating around while you cook. The problem is that you want to go and smell it and while you’re at it, “chop” something from the fridge, maybe that’s why I don’t put a jasmine on the one I have hanging in the kitchen 😛

The most sold pots to hang from the ceiling in our shop

Why buy hanging pots?

It’s a very original way to have pots. If you have a forgotten corner of the house it is possible that with a plant hanging from the ceiling it will come back to life. A beautiful plant hanging from a pot will look great wherever you decide to hang it.

a medium sized plastic pot with beautiful flowers hanging on the outside of the house

Some people prefer to hang several pots around the room, others prefer to group them in a corner with good lighting. I imagine that they were not satisfied with just one hanging pot or they simply became addicted to hanging pots from the ceiling 😛

Planta del dinero - Maceta 15cm. - Interior y Exterior - Planta viva - (Envíos sólo a Península)
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Planta del dinero - Maceta 15cm. - Interior y Exterior - Planta viva - (Envíos sólo a Península)
  • Planta apta para interior con mucha luz o exterior en zonas sombrías.
  • Riego abundante en verano y riego medio el resto del año.
  • No soporta las heladas.
  • Cortar las puntas de las ramas para que la planta mantenga una forma redondeada.
  • Nombre científico: Plectranthus australis

I was telling you a few paragraphs ago that I have a potted plant hanging from the kitchen ceiling. I’m wearing a vine called “potos”. It’s the hardest and most resistant plant I’ve ever had and I’m going to explain to you the reason or reason for this story.

a seawater blue pot with a plant with pink and fragrant flowers, although they are images of hanging pots and have no smell

It turns out that a few years ago I went on vacation for 9 days and couldn’t take care of the plants. So I asked my father to come and water the plants on the terrace and the ones I have at home. It turns out that I left the kitchen door closed and went on vacation.

Potos de colgar (Maceta 10,5 cm Ø) - Planta viva de interior
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Potos de colgar (Maceta 10,5 cm Ø) - Planta viva de interior
  • Planta de interior viva
  • Busca en nuestro gran catálogo de plantas de interior y exterior

When you return home you make the typical call to your parents about how the plants have been doing while you start to unpack. Talking and talking I tell him that if he had problems to water the hanging pot in the kitchen, to this he told me that he had not entered there any day 😛

Flower pot with wires to hang from the roof of a cornice

Well, this plant stood like a champion 9 days without watering in the middle of August in Andalusia, but there is something else. I live in a third one and I have the roof right over it, without temperature insulation or anything like that, as they used to do the works in the past, bareback.

Maceta colgante de césped natural – hecha a mano para macetas de interior – para plantas...
82 Opiniones
Maceta colgante de césped natural – hecha a mano para macetas de interior – para plantas...
  • Diseño de maceta de aseo natural: es una cesta colgante redonda original con un diseño simple y...
  • Hecho a mano por artesanos en vietnam: utiliza hierba natural con fuertes palabras colgantes.
  • Hermosa cesta interior para colgar: la manera perfecta de añadir color y animar tu espacio de vida...
  • Decoración natural única que funciona en cualquier lugar: esta maceta ligera es ideal para...
  • Ligero y fácil de colgar: esta maceta viene completa con un gancho en forma de S para colgar...

There are days of extreme heat that it is hotter inside the flat than outside on the terrace. It might be normal but not if you go out at four in the afternoon hahaha. It seems I have been talking a little bit about this typical plant for hanging pots but I think it has earned it.

Inverted hanging pots or “sky planter”

Well, this seems to be the latest trend in hanging pots. I was just looking for a picture of a pot hanging from the kitchen ceiling and I saw this one, so I started to investigate and from now on we also sell hanging pots from the movie “interstellar” 😛

a kitchen full of inverted hanging pots, it's like the world upside down and you water by throwing water up to the ceiling

These cool and original pots have a modern watering system. When you buy the pot you will find inside some instructions to place the pot. The process is the same as with any other pot, the only thing that changes is that the top has a protection so that it does not spill water or soil.

The most curious thing about these pots apart from being hung upside down is that they are watered from the bottom of the pot. You simply have to water from the top where there is a watering grate. You don’t even have to take the plant down or anything like that, it actually looks very comfortable.

Indoor hanging pots

It is becoming fashionable to use hanging glass pots. It can be placed on a shelf or directly on the ceiling. This is already to the consumer’s taste and choosing the right place will be your task, you will also have to choose a nice plant for a beautiful pot.

pots full of potpourri flowers ready to be hung up somewhere

There are some wooden hanging pots on the market that look great. Personally I love hanging wooden pots and all pots made of this material. It has something that reminds me a lot of nature.

This type of pot is used a lot to decorate the living room. Some people place them near a shelf or even on the table. The truth is that they are original and with some small plants or some colorful cactus you will be surprised how well they look.

Outside hanging pots

We also happen to have hanging pots made of coconut fiber. They are used a lot to decorate patios and gardens, although there are also people who use them inside the house. Each person is a world and in terms of pots there are thousands of possible combinations.

a nice coconut wool pot decorating the outside entrance of our shack

These hanging pots are very original and with beautiful plants you will be the envy of the neighborhood. You can also use plastic or ceramic hanging pots for outdoors. In fact, you can hang almost any type of pot with the hanging pot holders.

These hanging pot holders are made of rope, thick thread or crochet. If the pot or planter you are going to use outdoors is good at withstanding inclement weather, it will undoubtedly fit perfectly into your new high pot holder.

In addition to hanging pots from the ceiling, you can also find these products:

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