These delicate glass planters are fantastic for decorating any part of the house that we want to fill with a touch of charm. They are designed to give more attention to those plants that we have forgotten but are great for increasing the attractiveness of the room.

Small glass pots with aloe vera plant. They have a layered substrate. glass pots,glass planters,glass orchid pots,glass planters,glass planters,clear glass pots,glass planters,glass pot,glass planters,glass hanging pots,

There are glass terrariums that are used to place some cactus as if it were a real desert landscape. We can also find glass orchid pots, some have these flowers that are even more beautiful in a glass pot.

Hobby Flower Adel - Maceta redonda para orquídeas y su riego, 20 x 17 cm, transparente -Plantas...
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Hobby Flower Adel - Maceta redonda para orquídeas y su riego, 20 x 17 cm, transparente -Plantas...
  • Plantas Ø11-12
  • Recrea el hábitat de las orquídeas
  • Facilita su riego por inmersión
  • Diseñado por Jordi Vilardell y Mertixell Vidal
  • Riego una vez por semana para mantener la humedad en las raíces

Ideally, these pots should be used with plants that do not require much water. Remember that some glass pots do not have a drainage hole and if we go too far with the watering it would leave all the substrate waterlogged. This is one of the reasons why dry land plants are used for these types of pots.

The best selling glass pots

Why buy glass pots?

They are mainly used to decorate any part of the house. Some people like to have a small terrarium full of cactus in the bathroom, in the office or on the dining table. These glass pots have something that even without plants already improve the decoration of the house.

Decorations like a forest floor inside a glass pot. glass cactus decoration,glass hanging pot,glass pot orchids,glass plant terrariums,ikea orchid pots,glass cactus pots,glass cactus pot,glass hanging pots

Although it is best to fill it with small cactus-like plants, aloe or decorative flowers that require little water. Remember that these pots and terrariums do not have a drainage hole. So we will have to use a layered substrate that besides being good for maintaining humidity, is even more beautiful.

Sempervivum - Set of 4 different plants
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Sempervivum - Set of 4 different plants
  • Sempervivum are some of the easiest and most grateful plants we know
  • You'll receive 4 different, well rooted plants from our assortiment
  • Potsize: 9cm

I almost forgot something very curious, in the case of having a glass pot with plants in the bathroom, you will see that with the same humidity of the environment that is created when you take a shower you will almost not have to water it. In summertime is when one must remember to add a little water.

Glass pots without lids to place decorative but lively plants. hanging glass pots,glass cactus pots,glass orchid pots,glass pot,cactus glass,glass plant terrariums,hanging glass pot

There are substrates that are great for making our plants even more comfortable in a glass pot. It is a substrate that retains moisture longer than any other. It is one hundred percent natural, does not smell and does not generate odors. I’m talking about California red worm humus.

The texture of this substrate is very similar to that of ground coffee. Bring moisture and many nutrients to your plants with this ecological fertilizer. It looks great as a decoration, some friends have even asked me how do I grow a plant in a pot full of coffee hehe

A round glass pot full of plants inside, looks great as a decorative element

There are people who are capable of creating authentic masterpieces of decoration. A cactus over here, another one over there, some stones on this side and “boila”, they already have mounted a round glass pot with an interior decoration that will delight any visitor.

Set of 10 different succulent plants - 5,5cm pot im Set
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Set of 10 different succulent plants - 5,5cm pot im Set
  • Colección de 10 plantas suculentas diferentes.
  • Contiene algunas de las variedades más populares.
  • Edad aproximada: 2 años.
  • Altura: 8-15 cm.
  • Plantas fáciles de cultivar en lugares soleados y secos.

Many varieties of cactus can be found in any Aki, ikea or even large shopping mall. If it is true that in that site you are going to be able to find many cactus and dry plants, but buying live cactus in this page you will be able to choose the one that you like more and without pricking your fingers 😛

Glass terrarium with cactus and various dry plants, looks like an elegant restaurant

It is increasingly common to see terrariums filled with cactus and decorative plants in the most committed restaurants for their vintage and elegant decoration. It’s very likely that when you get the bill you’ll want to headbutt the cactus terrarium, but then you’ll also have to pay for it and the bill will increase even more 😛

Mkouo 2 Unidades para Colgar Maceta de depósito de jarrón de Cristal del terrario Flor Maceta...
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Mkouo 2 Unidades para Colgar Maceta de depósito de jarrón de Cristal del terrario Flor Maceta...
  • Material: Alta Bormioli, silicona Vidrio.
  • Para poder colocar o colgar. Tamaño ideal para pequeñas ventana, mesa, mesa pequeña.
  • Más ideal, si emparejado con blanco Roca, piedras o acrílico.
  • Super idea de decoración para casa, jardín, bodas o vacaciones. es ayuda a embellecen y limpiar su...
  • Tamaño: la bola es de 10,2 cm de ancho con una parte inferior plana y top lazo para colgar y un...

Hanging glass pots

That’s right, as you can also find hanging glass pots. The only drawback to this type of hanging pot is that you have to make a hole in the roof. Although there are also some that come with a metal stand to be placed directly on a surface.

a spherical glass pot with a ribbon plant inside. It's an indoor hanging pot

Some people hang them on a shelf or somewhere in the house where you don’t have to make a hole to hook the pot. It’s not much of a trauma to have to drill the roof anyway. Think about it once, put the cue and a good hook in it and you can put your glass pot on the roof.

This type of hanging glass planters are great as a decorative element. It’s amazing how much value a room can gain from a few of these strategically placed pots. Best of all, if we use plants that don’t require much water, we can save ourselves from having to water them too often.

a vine pot with many plants inside, looks like a tiny jungle

Glass Orchid Pots

The time has come to talk about these beautiful, beautiful flowering plants. It may be that their cultivation seems delicate “a priori” but you will see that it is not as complicated as we have been led to believe. These plants like most take their nutrients from the roots.

I imagine you’ve ever put some flowers in a vase of water to make it last a little longer. But unfortunately these flowers are not able to take root through the stem just by putting them in a container with water. Orchids are the opposite case as they are able to take root in record time.

a glass and metal-edge terrarium with a couple of plants inside

Do you know why we use glass pots for orchids?

It seems like a complicated question but you’ll see that the answer is very simple. Well, it’s used to be able to observe the state of the roots. With a pot made of a non-crystalline material we could not directly see the state of the roots. They could be rotting and we would not know it unless we took it out of the container.

And this is the mystery why glass pots are used to put orchids, simply to control the health of the roots of our most beautiful orchids. Remember to change the water in the pot once a week so that the roots do not rot 😛

Hexagonal terrarium or something similar made of glass

Types of plants to put in glass pots

We have seen that the most normal is to use cactus varieties and some dry plants. We must bear in mind that these glass pots are for use inside the house and are intended for decorative use. Although each person can give it the use that he or she thinks is convenient and necessary, for that we are free 😛

In addition to glass pots or glass planters, you can also find these products:

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