Worried about not knowing what to put in that forgotten corner of the house? Well, I have the solution to give it a new aesthetic touch. That’s right, I’m talking about decorative pots to make your plants look beautiful and the room where you place them take on a new meaning.

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We already know that each person has their own unique style that makes us different from others. Luckily for us there are an infinite number of decorative models on the market to make your imagination fly as an interior designer. But it doesn’t end here, they are also great for decorating the exteriors of the house.

Mkouo 16.5cm Jardineras plásticas Interior Set of 3 Macetas de Flores Decorativos Modernos Maceta...
109 Opiniones
Mkouo 16.5cm Jardineras plásticas Interior Set of 3 Macetas de Flores Decorativos Modernos Maceta...
  • Diseño minimalista: las macetas diseñadas con un acabado exterior CLASSICO mate en formas suaves y...
  • Material duradero y respetuoso con el medio ambiente: el polipropileno resistente y súper liviano...
  • Haga su propio jardín: el juego de 3 potes de jardín es adecuado para plantar la mayoría de las...
  • Sistema de drenaje opcional: viene con un orificio de perforación en la parte inferior y un tapón...
  • Dimensión: 16.5cm de diámetro interior de apertura, 3.55" de diámetro interior inferior, 5.7 "de...

These decorative pots are great for creating quiet areas anywhere in the house. Imagine having a vine plant with a painted pot on top of a shelf, on a staircase or even on the bathroom cabinet. I’m sure you’ll be able to find the right spot for your new decorative pot.

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Why buy a decorative pot?

Possibly because it is a decorative element that together with a natural plant looks especially good anywhere. It must be acknowledged that it is not the same to have an earthenware pot on the living room table as a painted or decorated pot with an original design.

many flower pots of colorful colors adorning a wooden grid, also painted in colors

These ornamental pots offer much more than just different decoration. They give the person who uses them an exquisite taste for decorative details. I myself have a pot of this style on a piece of furniture in the living room, and I can guarantee that I know nothing about decoration 😛

Pot soucoupe Cache-pot sbottonami en résine décorée noire made in Italy
  • Acabado mate.
  • De resina decorada completamente a mano.
  • Artesanía artística tradicional.

But it’s amazing how good it looks on the table. Sometimes when I have a visitor it’s standard to wonder where I bought that pot and if it has any other similar models. I always tell them, of course, that when they need pots of any kind they should visit my pots page.

two pots with a string all around and adorned with two white hearts, are beautiful decorative pots

It has always been said that in a blacksmith’s house, a wooden knife, well, I am not going to be less hahaha. That’s why even if I have a page full of decorative pots I only have two in the whole house, and I assure you that even though they are pretty they are not the prettiest.

Maceta de cerámica con diseño de flores de mariposas, decoración de jardín de campo francés,...
  • Macetas de cerámica para interior de orquídeas, bien artesanales.
  • La superficie es de diseño adhesivo con forma de cuenco con acabado de mariposa flor esmaltada.
  • Dimensiones (en pulgadas): Pequeño: Largo: 11,4 x ancho: 11,9 x alto: 11,9 cm; Grande: Largo: 16,1...
  • Maravillosa decoración para el hogar para dormitorio, sala de estar, oficina, ventana, mesa de...
  • Paquete: 2 macetas de cerámica, planta no incluida.

However, the plant or plants that you choose for the decorative pots try to make it an elegant plant. For example, some orchids or tulips. Although any kind of flowering plant will look great in that pot. And if it’s these aromatic jasmine type flowers on top, then all the better.

two decorative pots on the headboard of a double bed, everything looks like bridal white, a problem to clean stains hahahah

Some people decorate the headboard of the bed with some nice flower pots with white flowers that give a new touch to our bed, and of course to the decoration of the room. I don’t know if the plants are natural or plastic, I prefer the latter.

Leisial 5pcs Jarrón de Plástico Macetas para Flores Lace Flor Planta Pot Jardinero Hollow Flor...
19 Opiniones
Leisial 5pcs Jarrón de Plástico Macetas para Flores Lace Flor Planta Pot Jardinero Hollow Flor...
  • Material: Resina.Tamaño: 14*10*7cm
  • Hermoso y duradero.Diseño hueco floral, estilo fresco.
  • Macetas decorativas de exterior perfectas para decorar tu jardín, balcón, etc. Estas macetas...
  • También puede ser utilizado como barriles de almacenamiento de escritorio, pluma y otros...
  • Puede utilizarse con flores secas, flores, macetas y así hacer juego decorativo macetas pequeñas...

Imagine you put natural plants on your bed and watering goes out of hand, predicting a disaster of biblical proportions. Most likely, they are artificial flowers that do not need water and you can pass them the duster, although you can also do this with natural plants 😛

wide, elongated metal pots with words in relief

There are as many different models as you have options to decorate to your liking. If you can’t find a pot that catches your eye, you can always paint yourself on a pot at home. I’m too clumsy for these things but I’m sure you have a lot of art for that 🙂

Decorative outdoor pots

Some pots have been designed to withstand inclement weather. No winter or summer can cope with them. If you are lucky enough to have a nice garden I am sure you will have room to put some nice plants into one of our beautiful special garden pots.

They are also used to decorate our balcony or the terrace of our flat. The possibilities are as many as you have ideas and place to put them. In a way they give a new vintage look to our house. You’ll see that there are decorative pots for the balcony in different colours, they are safe to hang and very eye-catching.

a giant decorative pot at the top of the stairs in a large house courtyard

There are large decorative pots that, without modern design or eye-catching patterns, already look great on their own. However, these types of pots are not meant to be moved from one place to another. Once they are filled with soil, they will stay in that same place for a few years 😛

Casa Padrino Maceta Barroco Gris Ø 59 x H. 66 cm - Magnífico Maceta Redondo de Estilo Barroco
  • Maceta barroco redondo magnífico de Casa Padrino
  • Material: la mejor mezcla de hormigón de piedra artificial
  • 15% más duro, más fuerte y más pesado que el concreto convencional
  • Diámetro: 59 cm
  • Altura: 66 cm

The styles of pots are diverse. We have models made of hard and heavy materials such as cement, stone or clay. Although we also have modern jumbo-sized pots made of high quality resistant resin. I’m sure you will find a good place for it in your garden.

Vvciic Maceta de Hierro de Metal, Jarrón de Metal del Barril Florero de Hierro Vintage Flor de...
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Vvciic Maceta de Hierro de Metal, Jarrón de Metal del Barril Florero de Hierro Vintage Flor de...
  • Traiga el jarrón para decorar su hogar o balcón o jardín, encontrará que trae su hogar más...
  • Estos cubos de flores de metal rústico tienen dos asas pequeñas, cada una con una lata de leche...
  • Agregue estilo y color a su jardín, ideal para el jardinero creativo, adecuado para flores secas,...
  • Este cubo de flores de hierro está hecho de metal forjado. Aunque parece un estilo retro antiguo,...
  • Para el dormitorio, sala de estar, bar, balcón, etc. Perfecto para flores artificiales. Arreglar un...

I do not have a garden big enough to place these pots but if I had one I think I would choose one of the heavier models, so I can make sure it will not move for many years. And of course, a great pot carries a great plant. Although sometimes plants with aromatic flowers produce the same effect 😛

dark grey pots with different types of plants inside. even a cactus has a

Decorative indoor pots

We also have elegant models that have been created to decorate the interior of our house. Although they also look great in the office. They are manufactured with very resistant and durable materials. You can also find a wide range of colours.

Their unique designs will achieve that together with one of these plants that removes the hiccups form together a small work of art of nature. A blend of human technology and the natural beauty of plants. It’s your turn to choose the decorative pot you like best.

Keter Cozy - Maceta grande de exterior e interior, base redonda, Color Arena, 39,5 x 39,5 x 39,5 cm
74 Opiniones
Keter Cozy - Maceta grande de exterior e interior, base redonda, Color Arena, 39,5 x 39,5 x 39,5 cm
  • Incluye maceta grande de base redonda con efecto tricotado y color arena
  • Su elegante diseño de textura Knit hace de la maceta Cozies el complemento ideal para su hogar o...
  • Macetas decorativas de interior y exterior con estructuras de gran calidad y resistentes al clima
  • Los orificios de drenaje regulan el riego, protegiendo del exceso de agua y la descomposición de...
  • Maceta original con diseño moderno, perfectamente combinable con el resto de sus muebles de jardín

I am convinced that you will find a good place to put these pots with such peculiar and original designs. I’ve already given you some ideas but if you want I’ll give you another one. It turns out they look really good on centerpieces. Choose an elegant pot and you’ll see the difference almost instantly.

a nice centerpiece with some decorative cement pots

Decorative stones for pots

There are some luminous stones on the market that light up in the dark. This is not really something new, but we must admit that they last longer than those manufactured decades ago. There are people who use them to decorate the interior of the pots and give them a very special touch.

But all that glitters isn’t gold and there’s something you should know. These stones work great when they get sunlight for several hours. So if your idea is to put them in your indoor pots, they might not get too bright. But they still look great inside the pot 😛

two pots with cactus and a ceramic tray on the office table

Modern and original decorative pots

When we talk about something modern, straight lines and penetrating colors always come to mind. Well, something similar happens in the world of pots. There are models that have been designed to be in workplaces and large offices. They give a touch of elegance that many people like.

It may be necessary to change the decoration of the company and what better way than to fill it with natural plants. But remember to choose planters that match your business. Because I am sure you will be able to decorate the work area with exquisite taste 😛

a plant on top of a white pot on the office table. It's all very tidy

Materials used to make decorative pots or planters

There really is no exclusive material for making these types of pots. You can find beautiful pots made of many materials. There are incredible models in plastic as well as in ceramic clay and cement. Anyway here is a list of the most used materials to make:

✅ Decorative plastic pots

✅ Decorative clay pots

✅ Decorative cement pots

✅ Decorative ceramic pots

✅ Decorative glass pots

There are people who like to create beautiful landscapes themselves inside some pots. For these people, glass pots are a favorite choice. They are able to let their imagination run wild and create spectacular designs of pure fantasy.

round glass pot with stones, shells and an aloe vera plant inside

Remember that you can find decorative pots of different sizes. We have them big, small, square, round and even some weird shapes. I hope you find the pot model that best suits your style and way of seeing the world 😛

Besides original pots to decorate the house, you can also find these products:

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