The pots made of coconut fiber are of natural origin. And apart from being natural they are also very original. They are decorative pieces used to create warmer and more relaxing environments. These types of pots can be hung from the ceiling, from the wall or there are even some with a support for flat surfaces.

a coconut shaped pot hanging from a wooden beam in the courtyard. the truth that generates a very island climate.coconut fiber pot,coconut fiber pots,natural coconut fiber pots,coconut pots,plant a coconut in a pot,hanging coconut fiber pots,coconut pots for orchids,hanging coconut pots

These fantastic hanging pots with coconut fiber will give a special touch to that forgotten corner of the house. They also look great hanging on our patio wall. Imagine sitting in your garden on a hot summer night watching your plants as they hang from these beautiful pots.

Although it is very typical to see these types of pots hanging from the ceiling or wall, we also have models that are designed to be placed on any surface. They will look great on a shelf or piece of furniture in the house. Or even under the stairs on top of that small piece of furniture that doesn’t quite show its beauty.

The best selling coconut pots in our shop

Why buy hanging coconut fiber pots?

These eco-friendly pots are made from coconut fiber. It is a natural product from the skin of the coconut. This type of fibre has been used very well to make one of the most sought-after pots on the market. It is true that although it is one of the most sold, it is also one of the most loved.

the typical coconut fiber pot to hang from our ceiling or from any high zone we want,coconut fiber hanging pots,coconut fiber hanging pot,coconut fiber hanging pot,coconut fiber hanging pot,coconut fiber hanging pot,coconut fiber hanging pot

There’s something about these hanging coconut pots that so many people like. Nowadays you can find an infinite number of models and shapes. The most common pot is the one we see hanging from the ceiling, wow, the one that comes with a metal chain or rope to be able to hang from the ceiling or anywhere with an adequate height.

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Some people like to put an artificial plant inside, so they forget about watering. This idea is quite good for places where coconut pots are used as a decorative element. But I am convinced that you will enjoy much more filling these pots with natural plants.

nice coconut pot hung and held on a metal stand

They don’t always have to hang from the ceiling either. You can simply put up a nice wall bracket and hook up your coconut pot. It’s just another way to decorate any wall you want. This way is ideal for decorating the outside of our house. It also looks great on the wall in the patio.

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  • 5. Tamaño aproximado: 33 x 27 x 25 cm.

As with any pot on the market, coconut pots come in a variety of shapes. You can find pots with coconut fibre in a triangular or even square shape. As I always say this is to the liking of each person, I love the ones with a round or circular shape, but that already depends on each person.

a pot with Caribbean coconut fiber hanging from it. Coconut fiber pots.

You can also find coconut pots designed to decorate our walls. This peculiar way of placing coconut pots will give a new meaning to our life. Maybe I’ve gone a bit too far in describing the moment but what I mean is that they will look great on our wall.

It’s another way of hanging pots with coconut fiber and the truth that they look really original. As you can see the decorative possibilities with these pots is very wide. You just have to let your imagination run wild and find the best place to hang one of our inexpensive coconut fiber pots.

several coconut pots hanging in the street, they have red flowers and very green plants from which the branches hang down

If you thought the decorative options for these pots were over, you haven’t seen the coconut fiber stands for placing our favorite plants on any surface. They have the visual joy of fiber combined with the elegance and subtlety of a beautiful metal stand.

How to plant in coconut fiber pots?

Here we can find two different ways to place the plants in these pots. There are people who prefer to put the plant directly into the substrate, while there are others who place the plant in a plastic pot and put it inside the coconut pot.

Coconut pot decorated with pieces of real coconuts on the side of the pot.

The upper part is filled with more coconut fibre and gives the impression that the whole pot is made of this material. Actually, both ways are good because coconut fibre is a material that allows water drainage so you won’t have problems if you overwater.

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Personally, I prefer to fill the container with a good substrate made of coconut fiber and worm humus. This combination is fabulous for keeping the moisture in and making our plant healthy. This mixture of substrate is very good for retaining more water for irrigation and avoiding having to water daily.

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How to make coconut fibre pots?

I am not very handy at DIY but I know that there are some people who make their own pots from this material. I think they make it by pressing the material well with some hot mold. But I tell you I’m not an expert in making pots with coconut fibre. My recommendation is that you buy it ready-made 😛

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Coconut orchid pots

Speaking of pots made of coconut fiber, there are people who use these pots for their orchids. The truth is that the beauty of these flowers is enhanced in conjunction with a coconut pot. On the one hand the beauty of the orchids and on the other hand the natural part that the coconut fibre offers.

a coconut pot with an orchid plant inside

If you are looking for coconut fibre pots for your orchids you will most likely find it in our online shop. We sell coconut pots in all possible shapes and models. However, the best pot for your orchid is a pressed coconut pot, like the one I show you below 🙂

Coconut fiber jiffys to germinate seeds

These small “pots” are great for germinating seeds or placing grafts to develop their first root. They are small blocks of pressed coconut fiber that when you put them in water they get soaked and expand their size. Once they get their final shape you can place the seed or cuttings inside them.

a coconut fiber jiffy already pushed through the water

Remember to make a hole in the center as in the image above. It is in that small hole that you must place the seed or the cutting you intend to root. I usually use a pencil or any object that allows you to make a hole in the middle of the jiffy. You don’t have to drill the bottom.

It is very comfortable because it keeps the humidity for several days. I almost forgot something important, when the jiffy expands and gets its final shape, squeeze it a little bit to get out the excess water and avoid the stem of the cutting or the seed you decide to put in it to rot. You will see how from now on it will be a regular product in your germinations.

In addition to pots with coconut fibre, you can also find these products:

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