No doubt this pot is a lifetime classic. It seems like only yesterday I went to my grandparents’ house to swim in the plastic pool I used to ride every year. They have a very big yard and are very fond of having lots of plants everywhere.

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Ever since I was a kid they’ve had clay pots all over the yard. Many filled with geraniums and other flowering plants. One thing that strikes me is that no matter how big the clay pot is you will always find something to plant in it.

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  • Maceta de barro hecha a mano en torno alfarero. ideal para decoracion interior y exterior.
  • Fabricada con arcilla de primera calidad e hidrofugada.
  • Contiene en el fondo un orificio de 2,5 cm para garantizar el drenaje de la planta
  • MEDIDAS 11 X 13.CAPACIDAD 1,20L.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, simply to tell you that clay pots are not going out of style. It is a material that is still used even more than a few decades ago. Let’s just say that choosing this type of pot is almost certainly going to be a very wise choice.

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Why buy clay pots?

They are made of a natural material that can be recycled without any problems. It is strong and unless you give it a strong blow you are going to have pots for many years. I told you a few lines ago that when I was a kid I used to go play in my grandparents’ yard every summer.

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As it turns out, most of the pots are still intact. You can see that some years have passed because they start to have that beautiful worn tone and that small crust so peculiar that appears with age in this material so beautiful and aesthetic that is the terracotta clay.

Alfareros Damian Canovas Maceta DE Barro PEQUEÑA Medidas 10 X 10.Cubre MACETAS, SUCULENTAS,...
  • Fabricada con arcilla de primera calidad e hidrofugada.
  • Ideal para planta pequeña, cactus, suculentas.
  • MEDIDAS 10 X 10.Contiene en el fondo un orificio para garantizar el drenaje de la planta.
  • Somos fabricantes. Hecho en España

They are pots that can withstand any kind of rain or extreme temperature. I tell you, the only thing capable of breaking these pots are some grandchildren playing ball in the middle of the yard hahaha. What beautiful memories I have of that time I was on vacation in the Avis village.

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The clay pots are moulded by expert potters who shape the clay. They are one of the few pots still made by hand. Once they have the finished piece they place it in an area to dry. Once it has dried it goes to the oven to be baked.

I don’t exactly know how the process works because it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, because it turns out that when I was a kid we went on a trip to a very famous pottery shop in the area and they explained to us how to make a clay pot from scratch. It was really an interesting day.

by putting some cactus into some very small clay pots

Small clay pots

Today we still use these small size pots to put our smaller plants or cactus. This material maintains the humidity of the substrate and prevents water evaporation from being too high. Although this will depend on where you live.

Here in Andalusia, the summers are a bit hot. In these cases if you have the clay pots outside the house you will have to water daily. There may be summer days when it is not too hot and it is a more pleasant temperature, but you will still have to water 😛

a small clay pot with a small plant and a candy lollipop

They are great for decorating small shelves or even some furniture we have in the bathroom. Remember to place a plant that requires a lot of water so that you don’t have to be very careful about watering. The truth is that it looks very nice combined with wooden furniture.

Big clay pots

This kind of big pot goes great for having on the patio or in the garden. Imagine you have some fruit trees planted there. It’s a great way to keep the soil fresh on hot days. Here it has always been said that the clay pot sweats.

This is due to the botijo effect that this material has. It is as if it expels the hottest water from the pot and keeps the cooler water inside. This way your roots will always be healthy and healthy and your plants will be green and beautiful like you have never seen before.

a pot aged by the years full of yellow and white flowers

Now that I think about it, I have always noticed that the roots of clay pots are usually whiter than the others. I don’t know if it’s my hallucination or if it’s a matter of this terracotta clay. The same thing will be that my grandparents know about this secret and that’s why all their pots are made of clay.

Burgon & - Maceta de terracota envejecida para interior o casa, tamaño grande
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Burgon & - Maceta de terracota envejecida para interior o casa, tamaño grande
  • Aspecto clásico: estas macetas tienen un aspecto deliberadamente envejecido para crear un atractivo...
  • Material: hecho de terracota, dando una sensación de peso sólido.
  • Tamaño aproximado: 16,5 cm de diámetro x 17,5 cm de alto.
  • Diseño: diseñado para adaptarse a los tamaños más populares de plantas de casa vendidas en...

If you’ve read this far, you’ll have learned this well-kept secret from our ancestors. The truth is that if these terracotta pots have been used all their lives it must be for a reason, let’s say that this reason is the only way to protect our roots 😛

The rectangular clay pots

These pots are also widely used by grandparents, children and other relatives. They are fabulous for decorating our country house. The truth is that I don’t have any but when I go to a friend’s house they usually have rectangular pots with nice plants.

a round pot with a very fat rim, it has flowers in relaxing colours

To be honest, those country houses I visit in summer to cool off usually belong to my friends’ parents. So it must be a matter of the mother who has decided to put those pots there, I imagine the same as it would be a matter of the grandmother to put clay pots in the garden, what a mess 😛

Well, these rectangular pots will look very nice if you put in some plants with aromatic flowers. The variety of plants to be used is almost infinite. I really like jasmine plants, imagine having one of these clay pots on your terrace in summer.

plant with violet flowers that surely has a formidable, rich and wonderful smell

It must give off a really incredible smell, I have a small one that I have planted this year and I am looking forward to summer so that the flowers show their best aroma. It is not very big yet but there is no doubt that this plant has a very nice smell.

As you have seen, clay pots are still used even more than before, some people are looking for mini clay pots, others are looking for cheap clay pots and there are those who are looking for clay pots at good prices. Whatever the reason you are looking for a pot of this type, I am convinced that you will find it in our shop 😛

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