Our wide range of elegant cement pots are a must. This material so used in our modern world is also used to create beautifully designed pots. You can also find them smooth and in various shapes.

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These pots are tough and resistant and have been designed to last a long time. The truth is that in order to break a cement pot you will have to give it a good blow although this also depends partly on the size and thickness of the pot, although they are equally hard.

There are people who use these pots to paint over them. They are able to create incredible drawings on the surface of the cement. The truth is that the possibilities of a pot made of cement are very wide. Another important thing is how well they serve to decorate the garden or patio of our house.

The best selling cement pots in our shop

Why buy cement pots?

It has a unique style that you’ll hardly find in any other pot. It is a recyclable material that does not pollute the environment. Anyway, until it breaks and you have to throw it to a clean point, several years will pass, I dare say even several decades 😛

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Imagine having several rectangular cement pots in your garden. They really look beautiful in combination with large, colorful plants. They look great with palm trees, but any broad-leafed plant will look great in a cement pot.

In our online shop you will find cement pots at good prices and in different sizes. We also have some models that come molded with beautiful designs that by themselves will be able to increase the beauty of the place. Without a doubt a good place for your plants.

small cement pots with fleshy leaf plants of different varieties

One pot for each type of plant. Small cement pots are used for cactus and bonsai. It is curious to see how beautiful a mini cactus looks inside a pot made of this modern material. If I had any cactus around the house I would almost certainly put one of these cool pots in it.

Soportes para plantas Flor Marco nórdico Creativo Marco de Madera de Cemento de imitación Maceta...
  • ▼ 【Decoraciones para muebles de interior】 Este soporte para flores agrega una nueva dimensión...
  • ▼ 【Soporte de flores multifuncional】 Este soporte de flores se puede colocar en el balcón...
  • ▼ 【Soporte floral de múltiples capas】 Este soporte floral se puede colocar en cualquier lugar...
  • ▼ 【Soporte de flores creativo】 Este soporte de flores tiene un diseño único, que no solo es...
  • ▼ 【Detalle】 Este soporte para flores es elegante en color y adecuado para diferentes lugares,...

I have a friend who is fond of growing cactus of all varieties that he finds, he even has me worried because every time I go to his house he has more and more pots with cactus. I imagine that as long as he does not give names to the cactus it will continue being a healthy hobby 😛

three square cement pots of different heights with beautiful modern hand-painted designs

I got a little sidetracked, but don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you right away. It turns out this friend of mine has started making his own cement pots. There are some silicone moulds on the market to create your own cement pots.

Moulds for making cement pots

He was showing me the silicone molds he used and a little bit of the process of how to make your own cement pots. To tell you the truth, the manufacturing process is very simple. It’s as simple as preparing the cement, pouring it into the mold and waiting for it to dry.

You can see more models of cement moulds, you will be surprised by the amount of shapes and sizes you can find. I’m thinking of starting to make my own pots. Although there is something that you must remember and it is that the bigger the pots will be, the more they will weigh 😛

Besides pots made with cement, you can also find these products:

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