Getting a nice bonsai is a matter of years. Behind these little trees there are many hours of work and dedication. A bonsai is the fruit of many months shaping its delicate branches so that it gradually takes the shape of a miniature tree.

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The art of bonsai is to create a smaller version of a tree than it would be in nature. For this it is very important to limit the growth of its roots by means of a small pot. This prevents the roots from expanding too much and increasing the nutrient consumption.

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The key is to know how to choose the right tray for the bonsai. Usually you start with a small pot that serves as a canvas to shape our little bush. As the years go by, it will become an adult tree but with its own characteristics and style.

The best selling bonsai pots in our shop

Why buy bonsai pots?

These pots are specifically designed for perfect growth of our bonsai. It is actually one of the most important parts when shaping our tree. It is said that the basis for a good bonsai is to control the roots with a good pot.

a bonsai growing inside a special baked clay bonsai pot

We can find pots of different shapes and sizes but there is one thing they all have in common. The height of the pot is usually low profile. This is because if the roots grew too deep our bonsai project would grow too high and we could not shape it.

The aim is to have a much more horizontal root base so that the branches grow wide but do not move away in height. We can say that choosing a bonsai pot is vital to get our project taking shape from the first moment.

a nice bonsai in a square blue bonsai pot

Bonsai pot size does matter

During the first months or even years we can have our bonsai in a small pot. The truth is that if we want to keep the size we wouldn’t have to put it in a bigger pot. Although this is something that will give you experience in the art of bonsai.

Some people prefer to increase the size of the pots as the years go by. Remember that the changes should not be too abrupt, so if we have a small tray we would put another one a little bigger. After many years you could put some of our big bonsai pots on it.

a very leafy bonsai inside a horizontal and oval band, but with little height

But many years will go by before we have to change the pot, and that’s as long as we want to increase the size of our tree. If we like it the way it is, we just keep it in the pot we have. Remember that we will be many years seeing the same pot.

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Perhaps that can be one of the main reasons for choosing the “bonsai pot” that we like the most. Imagine that you are going to buy a cheap bonsai pot and it turns out that after a few months you get bored of seeing it. Although this shouldn’t worry you too much because you always have the option of transplanting it to a nicer one.

very small bonsai with a dark blue ceramic bonsai pot

As I always say, you’ll have to choose the model you like best. I can recommend one or the other but really the final choice will always be yours. We have handcrafted bonsai pots made of wood with very beautiful and original carvings.

10 x Plástico Bonsai Macetas 8 Pulgadas 20 cm
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10 x Plástico Bonsai Macetas 8 Pulgadas 20 cm
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People more experienced in creating bonsai begin by using a plastic bonsai pot during their first few months. This is because it is at this time that we will be most on top of the small tree again tying and tying branches with the wire.

bonsai forming a spectacular landscape of the African savanna

It’s likely that we’ll give it a little bit of a shock when handling it, so you won’t have a problem if the bonsai pot is made of plastic. After a few months when you have the branches with their stakes in place and well wired it will be time to choose another pot to make our bonsai look much nicer.

Crespi Bonsai V379/2 Maceta para Bonsai, Azul, 17.4 x 12.8 x 1.8 cm
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Crespi Bonsai V379/2 Maceta para Bonsai, Azul, 17.4 x 12.8 x 1.8 cm
  • Forma Ovalada
  • Tamaño: 17,4 x 12,8 x 1,8
  • Gres esmaltado

There are many people who use ceramic bonsai pots at this time. This material makes the beauty of the whole pot and tree look spectacular. We have many different designs made of ceramic. I invite you to take a look at our catalogue and find the one you like best.

beautiful bonsai without leaves because they are deciduous, has a square pot and average height of ceramic

Unfortunately what we don’t have are used or second hand bonsai pots, more than anything because when you start creating your first bonsai you will surely want to have a second, and a third… so you will surely need to keep the pots for your future projects 😛

Japanese style bonsai pots

These pots have the characteristic of being made of Japanese ceramic or porcelain. They usually have a white color with some designs painted by hand in blue. They certainly manage to give a totally different touch to our beloved miniature bonsai.

The Japanese are true masters in the art of bonsai. It is something they have done for hundreds of years and it is very likely that they were the creators of “the miniaturization of the trees”. These Japanese designed bonsai pots won’t make it grow any faster but they will give your bonsai a new style.

Types of bonsai pots

As is always the case in the world of pots, there are many different models. In the breeding and care of the bonsai the exact same thing happens. There are many people who are fond of creating bonsai. So there are also many who are looking for different styles of pots.

a bonsai in an earthenware pot painted and enamelled in a metallic colour on the table in the living room

We have pots of various shapes but in some ways similar. But they are not similar in appearance simply coincide in the specific characteristics that a bonsai requires. The height of the pot will always be smaller than the horizontal size.

Crespi Bonsai V438/2 Maceta para Bonsai, Azul, 21.5 x 15 x 7.5 cm
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Crespi Bonsai V438/2 Maceta para Bonsai, Azul, 21.5 x 15 x 7.5 cm
  • Forma rectangular
  • Tamaño: 21,5 x 15 x 7,5
  • Gres esmaltado

This is essential to maintain an adequate size of our bonsai. You will notice that there are square and round pots that are very shallow in width, but the height is never greater than the span at the top. This is key to choosing a good bonsai pot.

a cement bonsai pot of different sizes

Our online store specializes in selling bonsai pots. We understand the time it takes to see our project grow so we put a lot of effort into selecting the most suitable models. If you are looking for a place to buy bonsai pots this may be the right one 😛

Bonsai dishes

These non-drip trays are designed for our indoor bonsai. If we have it in the patio there is no problem of dripping or staining the area when we water. But if we have the bonsai inside the house then things change a bit. There we are interested in having everything well collected.

You can find loose bonsai plates or pots that come with their matching tray. This will be a matter of choosing the one that you like best and that fits with your bonsai, think of the pot as a whole that forms the “pot + bonsai” set.

In addition to pots to place your bonsai, you can also find these products:

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