If you have reached this page it is because you are looking for a good system to place pots on the balcony railing. Well, you are in luck because you have come to the right place. In our shop you will find different supports and special pots to place on any type of balcony.

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There are different types of balconies so there are many models of balcony pots. We have the typical planters that are hooked by iron supports to the railing. You will also find round pots or even ones that have been designed not to use any support.

Garden of Eden - Maceta para balcón, barandilla de ciudad, maceta para flores, maceta para flores...
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Garden of Eden - Maceta para balcón, barandilla de ciudad, maceta para flores, maceta para flores...
  • El plástico de alta calidad es resistente a la intemperie, robusto y a través de los agujeros en...
  • Estas macetas para balcón en los colores de moda verde, azul y naranja atraen todas las miradas en...
  • Dimensiones: diámetro de 14,5 cm, diámetro de la base: 9,5 cm, altura de la base: 16 cm.
  • Contenido del envío: cada uno en verde, azul y naranja (set de 3)

As everything in this life will always depend on your tastes, all I can do for you is offer you a quality product to satisfy your needs. If there is a planter designed to be displayed on a balcony you may find it here 😛

The best selling balcony planters in our shop

Why buy pots for the balcony?

Well, one of the main reasons, I think, is space. I have a small balcony that barely holds two people standing. If I put the flowerpots on the floor I really couldn’t look out of the balcony. Luckily there are different systems for placing pots on the balcony railing.

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I have a neighbor who has the air conditioning pump on the floor, this is really a problem because there is only room for one person. In these cases it is also advisable to use special pots to hang on the railing. A balcony with flowers is something you like to see.

Weles GMBH Jardinera para balcón de polyrattan Incluye suspensión y Sistema de riego, Antracita,...
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Weles GMBH Jardinera para balcón de polyrattan Incluye suspensión y Sistema de riego, Antracita,...
  • Con sistema de riego: depósito de agua, tolva e indicador de nivel de agua
  • Incluye sustrato mineral para el suministro óptimo de agua
  • Incluye soporte para colgar
  • Entramado resistente a la intemperie
  • 15

There are balconies full of flower pots, one pot here, another one there is like a challenge to hang as many pots as possible. These balconies are very beautiful especially if you fill them with aromatic flowering plants. Imagine breathing in that fragrance every time you look out to water the plants.

a cast-iron balcony full of jasmine. It's very nice the pots

I have several gardeners on the balcony with jasmine and ladies of the night. The summer nights are a pleasure with this aroma so penetrating and relaxing at the same time. Sometime when I have arrived at my house the rich smell of jasmine mixed with the lady of the night has already reached me, it is incredible the good combination they make.

Lechuza 15680 - Kit completo maceta balconera, Blanco, 79 x 19 x 19
2.454 Opiniones
Lechuza 15680 - Kit completo maceta balconera, Blanco, 79 x 19 x 19
  • El sistema de riego de la maceta garantiza un suministro de agua óptimo.
  • Acabado de gran calidad.
  • Uso exterior e interior.
  • Producto hecho en Alemania.
  • Suministro eficiente del agua a través de un sistema de riego de tierra inteligente

Today there are models of plastic pots for balconies, some are made of resistant resin that have very original and elegant designs. They are sold with the support already included but you can also take advantage of the pots you have at home and use a good support to hang pots on the balcony.

clay and plastic pots hanging from the balcony

On top of that, there is a very innovative product. No more and no less than some pots made of synthetic material that have been designed to be placed on top of the rail. The pot has a hole in the middle that will serve to place on top of the rail. In this way it is practically impossible for it to fall over.

Elho Corsica Flower Bridge Jardinero balcón, Lime Green, 60 cm
1.579 Opiniones
Elho Corsica Flower Bridge Jardinero balcón, Lime Green, 60 cm
  • Fabricados con plástico reciclado
  • La jardinera de balcón se adapta a barandillas con una anchura de hasta 6 cm.
  • Se suministra con 2 estabilizadores, fáciles de instalar y que la mantienen bien anclada.
  • No son necesarias herramientas.
  • Gracias a su resistencia al hielo, la maceta se adapta a los cambios bruscos de temperatura de...

I’m convinced you’re a person who likes to see a balcony full of pots. They’re always prettier than an empty, lifeless one. It is clear that when you see a balcony with pots you immediately get a thought about what the kind of person who lives in that house will be like 😛

a beautiful gray plastic planter with purple flowers

Balcony pot holder

This is the traditional way of hanging pots outside the balcony. A good metal support that is strong and durable and above all can withstand the weight of the pot. They are very easy to place and best of all they keep your plants in place at all times and without risk of falling over.

Metal balcony planters are available. These are ideal for placing our small pots with your flowering plants. Although there are people who usually use them to place aromatic plants that they later use in food. It is common to see thyme, oregano, parsley and even rosemary.

some rectangular pots with red and pink flowers on a balcony, looks like an already assembled kit

We often think that if we hang pots on the balcony they will fall down the street. But this is almost impossible nowadays with modern systems for holding pots on our railings. I have a very clumsy friend who has many, many pots hanging from the balcony and has never dropped any 😛

Levoberg - Soporte para macetas Colgantes de Hierro, Soporte para macetas para Colgar balcón o...
3 Opiniones
Levoberg - Soporte para macetas Colgantes de Hierro, Soporte para macetas para Colgar balcón o...
  • Material: hecho de hierro resistente, lo suficientemente sólido y antioxidante, puede soportar un...
  • Tamaño (longitud x anchura x altura): S -- 20 x 30 x 12 cm / M -- 20 x 50 x 12 cm / L -- 25 x 50 x...
  • Nota: el ancho del gancho es de aproximadamente 6 cm, por favor, mide bien la rampa para colgar...
  • Función: se puede colgar en el balcón, jardín para guardar las macetas de flores, lo que ayuda a...
  • El paquete incluye: 1 soporte para macetas colgantes.

Nowadays you can put pots on the balcony in many possible ways. You just have to see which one you like best or which one will work best on your railing. We must take into account the thickness of the handrail and little else.

a nice white balcony with hanging planters and flowers

How to hang pots on the balcony railing?

Well, as I was explaining just a few paragraphs ago, it’s a really simple thing to do. Imagine that you want to put a flowerpot. Then you would have to choose a support with the necessary length to fit your pot. Although you can also find pot + stand kits, and you can forget about the complications.

Although it’s not really a headache to hang pots on the balcony. There are metal brackets that hook directly onto the railing and you can place your pots. You’ll see that they are available for round, square and rectangular pots.

three windows with rectangular planters full of aromatic flowers

Metal balcony pots to hang on the balcony

If you thought I didn’t have any more pot models to decorate your balcony here I show you another one. These pots are usually made of tin or zinc. There are times when we have a modern railing where we barely have room to hang pots. Well, with this system the problem will have been solved.

You can also place it in the window, although this already depends on the type of shelf your window has. There are some that have a metal bar above the wall. These are great for placing such original and colorful pots. A new way to decorate the exterior sales of the house.

metal pots hanging from a city balcony

With this latest model I can now finish our entire catalogue of decorative pots for the balcony. But remember that the pot should be part of the decoration but not the center of attention. So choose some plants that you like and enjoy them every time you go to water them 😛

Besides pots to hang on the balcony, you can also find these products:

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