I like to think that a pot is more than just a container in which to place our plants. It is clear that this is its main function but as with almost everything in this life, it will always depend on the use we are going to give it. There are pots of all sizes, colors and materials that you can think of.

pots, flowerpots or planters made of glass, metal, ceramics. They have decorative plants

Each plant needs particular needs to grow well. There are types of plants such as a palm tree that will need a larger pot. It is the same with a bonsai, in this case the ideal will be to place it in a pot or tray of reduced size.

Nowadays there is a wide variety of pots with different materials and designs. We must think that a pot is something that is not changed daily and as the plants need water almost every day, well let’s say that if or if we will see it every day. Unless we forget to water 😛

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Do you know the difference between a pot and a flowerpot?

Don’t worry if you don’t because I assure you it’s something many people fail at, and I’m the first. In fact I’ve always called it a pot, a flowerpot or a flowerpot. I assumed they were the same thing but it turns out I was wrong. If we look it up in the dictionary it says:

✅ Pot: It’s the container used to grow plants

✅ Pot: It is a support where to place the pots

✅ Tiesto: A set formed by the container, the soil and the plant

several pots with plants. Some are painted. They are also of different sizes and materials

Anyway, you shouldn’t worry too much about this “disturbing fact”. The truth is that nowadays there is not much difference between a pot and a flowerpot as you can find flowerpots that even include holes for the drainage of the irrigation water.

In fact, in Wikipedia they use the word “pot” as another way of naming the pot. It’s the same with pots. It probably doesn’t matter which of the three terms you use because most of us are probably thinking of a pot 😛

several sturdy planters appear in the garden of a house, it has a very nice

Types of materials used to make pots

As you may have noticed in the previous categories, there are pots made of any material. The typical clay pots designed for a good transpiration of the humidity and that our grandparents use so much. However, one more blow of the account and you are left without pot 🙂

There are models of pots made of glass. These pots are great for the interior of the house. They give a unique touch to the room and you can see the roots and everything. Remember that these glass pots do not protect the roots from the UV rays of the sun, so you will have to place them in a place where direct sunlight does not reach them.

several small plants in a decorative glass pot

We also have the typical synthetic plastic pots. These are my favorites because they can withstand shocks and all kinds of weather. There are still times when I have to retire one and throw it in the plastic container. I have been many years with the same plastic pots, maybe it is time to renew some 😛

There are pots made of metal, usually tin, zinc or even copper. But this kind of pots are also thought to decorate a little more. They give your patio that vintage and tasteful touch that sometimes we forget we have. I’m convinced that these pots are great for decorating your garden at home.

a tin pot with flowers inside. It also has some flowers painted on the metal

Speaking of decorative pots, as far as decoration is concerned you will find an infinite number of decorative pot models. There are cement pots with beautiful designs and on top of that they are very sturdy. But remember my friend, heavy pots are not very good if you plan to move them around a lot.

I have a mini urban garden in my backyard. In this case, I’m a person who moves the pots around, so I’m going to be practical and I have them made of plastic. That’s why I don’t lift too much weight because when they are full and of a medium or large size, moving them from one place to another “is not a piece of cake”.

Wooden planters. They have flowering plants and lots of substrate. They are large rectangular pots

There’s one type of pot I like very much and that’s the wooden one. They look great and give a really unique touch to my plants. I have several wooden planters in the yard and they really have me in love. But they are not pots to be moved from one side to another because they are heavy. Although this depends on the size you choose 😛

Different pots for different places

We have seen that there are pots of all possible materials, as something similar happens with the places where they are placed. If our idea is to fill the patio with pots, we will have a wide selection to choose from.

several plants with fragrant flowers in plastic and metal pots

For the outside we can find pots made in:

✅ Mud

✅ Cement

✅ Plastic

✅ Metal

✅ Wood

✅ Stone

These materials are usually very strong and can withstand both cold and the stifling heat of summer. And depending on the model you can find pots with beautiful designs that will make your patio a pleasant area to spend long hours. Imagine having a patio full of pots with aromatic plants such as jasmine or the lady of the night.

a jasmine with flowers inside a metal pot

Keep in mind that although some pots are designed to withstand the elements, they also look great indoors. They have simply been made to last a long time and in different weather conditions, but the final decision on where to place the pot is always yours 😛

two pots with some palms inside, they have some very nice pots

For the interior we can find pots made in:

✅ Ceramic

✅ Glass

✅ Plastic

✅ Metal

There are many different designs of pots for the interior of the home. What is usually done in these cases is to use a plastic pot to put the substrate with the plant, and put it inside a pot with a design that we like. There are original design flowerpots especially suitable for indoor use.

clay pots with some aloe vera plants. They are on a plate so as not to spill water from the irrigation

A very popular type of pot for the interior of the house are those that come with self-watering. The truth is that I have not had the chance to try any because I must admit that all my plants are in the yard. But according to what I have read there are some pots that are in charge of keeping the substrate of the plant very humid.

These pots are great for forgetting to water for a few days. Inside the plants do not consume as much water because the temperature of the house is usually more stable than outside. They also do not receive the sun’s rays directly so the evaporation of water from the soil is much lower.

A broad-leaved plant in a white pot

Different sizes for different plants

We know that all plants are not the same. There are some that are capable of growing several meters high, others on the other hand do not reach half a meter. The need for space and water is not the same for each type of plant. It also depends on the area or time of year where we are.

I like to use large pots for the plants I have in the yard. They are usually tomato plants, some strawberries but mostly aromatic plants. Where I live it is usually very hot, although well… really this in summer is a hell hahaha so I have the need to keep the substrate of the plants well humid.

watering the plant so it doesn't get too hot in the summer

In these cases it is great to have large pots to avoid total evaporation of water from the pot. We must also take another aspect into account and it is no other than that the greater the amount of soil the greater its roots will be and the prettier our plant will be.

As for the size of the pots you will find the typical:

✅ Big

✅ Medium

✅ Small

Remember that there are plants that have a smaller root system as there will be other plants that need more soil to have optimum root size. I have several pots with tomato plants because in this case I have some very big pots.

An urban garden with vegetables, looks like lettuce and onions

It turns out that before I put a giant pot on it, because I planted it in a medium sized one. Maybe it was about 20 liters or a little less, which is neither big nor small. With that pot, the tomatoes were very small and did not have much per plant.

Well, since I put in some giant pots, things have changed for the better. It’s not the same as planting it in a garden but nowadays you can say that the tomatoes I eat are home-grown hahaha.

Aromatic plant of rosemary planted in a pot. There are also plants with flowers in other pots

There are aromatic plants such as thyme, oregano and some other spices that grow spectacularly in a small pot. And since you normally cut off twigs to use the spices in your meals, they remain stable in a small pot.

I also have onions in a pot, it’s amazing how small the root of the onions is. And how well they hold up in dry soil. This crop is indispensable for anyone who likes to grow their own vegetables, you will enjoy it like a child when you pick your first onions 😛

onion about to be harvested from the garden

Different shapes for different environments

The time has come to talk a little bit about the different shapes of the pots. There is really not much mystery about this subject and we will usually find 3 characteristic shapes of pots.

As for the shape you will be able to find:

✅ Round

✅ Squares

✅ Rectangular

The choice in this case will be almost a question of aesthetics or space. If we are going to have the pots all together, we are interested in having square or rectangular pots to take advantage of the space. This way we avoid losing space between pots.

Although we also use straight shapes because they look quite good. The shape you choose will depend to a greater or lesser extent on your tastes. I use all the possible shapes as long as it doesn’t affect the plant 😛

small aloe plant in a square ceramic pot

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you choose a square, round, rectangular or even trangular pot, the important thing is that it is the right size for the plant’s roots to grow healthy and that it has a quality substrate and plenty of room for optimal growth.

You will see that apart from a different shape they will also be with different designs. But as I told you a few paragraphs ago, the important thing is that you like the model you choose. As long as it is spacious I am convinced that the plant will not complain 😛

chillies planted in a pot with a painted heart

Does the color of the pot, flowerpot or flowerpot have any influence?

Well this depends mainly on one thing. If we are going to use the pot for the interior of the house then it doesn’t matter what color you choose. In this case you should choose a colour that you like or that will match the decoration of the room where you decide to place the pot with the plant.

But if you plan to use the pot for the outside, here the thing changes a little. More than a little I would say that it changes a lot. Although this will depend on the area where you live. If you are in a cold climate you will not have to worry too much about the color.

Hanging pots of various colours

However, if you live in a warm climate where the summers are extremely hot, you will have to avoid dark-coloured pots. If our pots are made of plastic, they should ideally be white, or perhaps a light beige but always try to avoid dark colours.

I have some brown plastic pots that get very hot. The dark green ones are the same, and if they are black I can guarantee that if you live in Andalusia the roots of your plants will literally burn. So in this case my recommendation is to use light colours.

In this way we manage to reduce the evaporation of the irrigation water. We also manage to keep the substrate and the potting soil at a more pleasant temperature for the roots. With a dark coloured pot the plants will drink more and their stress levels will be higher than with a light coloured pot.

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